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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 6/1

I went to Walgreens today in search of a few things that I’ve been lusting after, and would you believe my wonderful luck, all three were sold out.  I gnashed my teeth.  Didn’t help one bit.

It’s ok, I haven’t give up yet.  I will continue to look for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. the Covergirl Liquiline Blasts (the gray looks like it might be a dupe of the discontinued Prestige Granite), and the new Revlon Super Lustrous glosses (I like the milky purple).  Sorry about the parentheses overload.

I went to see Letters to Juliet yesterday, and I actually liked it despite several skeptical eyebrow-raising moments.  For example, *SPOILER ALERT* the ending.  Wow, seriously?  That’s even worse than the “and it was all just a dream…” plot twist, you can’t just make 2 Patricia’s!  grumblegrumble.  Anyways, although the directors took a few liberties with what is considered to be reasonable, it was still cute and sweet and funny. 


6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 6/1

    • I am firmly of the opinion that they should put more than 2 bottles of Hidden Treasure on the display at a time. I’ll let you know if the CG liquiline is a Granite dupe, unless maybe you found one already! I love my Prestige Granite so much…*sniffs*

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