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Ellis Faas: The Coolest Makeup on the Block

Update: Check out Part 2 here.

Have you heard of Ellis Faas?  Although the company’s stores are mostly concentrated throughout Europe, they do have two outposts in New York *hint hint bring a store to California please*  I remember being so excited when the package came because (don’t laugh at me) the stamps were from Netherland!  I cut them out, and still have them on my desk right now.

Let’s just start with the packaging.

I love it when companies pay extra attention to wrapping their products up.  Almost everything Ellis Faas makes comes packaged in “pen” format (except my pens don’t look that fancy, wish they did).  I love the fact that the metal isn’t painted on, and therefore won’t chip away.  The pens are super sleek and gorgeous, plus they’re easy to slip into a bag or stash in a drawer.  The backs are labelled with the product number on a color swatch background, along with a letter corresponding to the product type (E for eyes, L for lips, S for skin)

I’ll begin with my favorite of the bunch, Ellis Faas Creamy lips.

I should probably go over how you use these pens first.  Eyes, lips, and blush pens all work the same way.  Think Stila lip glaze; twist the end to dispense product.  I love the applicator for the lip pen, no it’s not a brush!  I don’t have anything against brushes, but I do feel like the slanted doe foot applicator (not your typical once either!  Ellis Faas calls it a showerhead) makes things nice and simple.  The first time you use this, you may have to twist it for quite a while before any product comes out.  I recommend singing to pass the time.  After the  first time, however, you should be able to twist it 5-8 times and get the product to come out.

Ellis lips comes in three formulas: creamy lips, milky lips, and glazed lips.  I tried out creamy lips in L106, a reddish-brown nude.

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The texture of this is interesting, I want to say it’s like a liquid lipstick, but it’s not.  It’s definitely got the pigmentation of one, but it’s also very light in terms of feel.  The best description I can give is an airy liquid, it’s thin but doesn’t run and once it’s on I completely forget I’m wearing anything other than balm on my lips.

Wear time on this is excellent.  I got a good 6 hours out of it today, and that includes eating time.  I was also impressed by the moisturization on this.  My lips are definitely on the dry side, and I never apply any type of lip color without putting on lipbalm first.  Even so, most lipsticks will dry out my lips by the end of the day.  I checked my lips when I got home today, and they were flake-free.  Naturally, they weren’t as moisturized as they had been this morning, but they were still looking pretty good.

Now, the price.  At 25 British Pounds (roughly $36), this isn’t exactly an affordable product.  I guess it depends on just how into makeup you are to justify handing over that amount of cash.  On the other hand, you get every penny of quality you pay for, and this is one of the items I would be willing to save my money up to buy.  I’ve got Ellis Red, their signature color, at the top of my lust list right now.

My rating: A+

Stay tuned for the rest of the reviews in my next post!

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were sent to me for review purposes.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


10 thoughts on “Ellis Faas: The Coolest Makeup on the Block

    • I know! I love how minimalistic they look, but the price is pretty hard to swallow. I suppose it’s like Dior and Chanel, you can covet them all you want, but they’re not likely to lower their prices.

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