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More Cool Makeup From Ellis Faas

I had a huge exam this morning, so I mini-celebrated afterwards by mini-hauling (will post the goods up later).  Anyways, I thought I would continue with the Ellis Faas reviews before I dive back into studying for finals.  Check out Part 1 of the Ellis Faas reviews here.

Like Creamy Lips, the Blush has a similar showerhead applicator.

This is in S301, a pinkish salmon color.

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The texture of this is more creamy/less liquid compared to Creamy Lips.  It’s also very light and easy to blend.  I personally don’t wear blush *I will give you 5 seconds to gasp and point your fingers at me* because I have rosy cheeks 24/7, but I layered a tiny dab of this over my ‘natural blush’ to test it out.  Since the color was fairly subtle, it just gave me a little more glow, which was exactly what I needed that day.  Staying power was very good, it lasted until I removed it.  I doubt I’ll be using this during the summer, as my cheeks get even rosier, but on cold winter days when I’m running low on sleep, this will make a great pick-me-up.  Ellis Faas blush retails for $32.  Yes, once again, this is definitely not a bargain buy.  Just because of my preferences, I would rather spend that money on the lip products, but this does make quite a nice blush.

My rating: B+

Next up is Creamy Eyes.  This was the most interesting product out of the three.  It’s a liquid/cream shadow in pen form, which I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anywhere else.  Unlike the blush and lip applicators, Creamy Eyes comes with a brush.  It’s fluffy and soft, with enough stiffness to line the eyes or do a wash of shadow.

This is E103, a.k.a. black.  It’s a nice “true black,” very deep color without any shimmer or undertones.  The texture is halfway between a liquid liner and a cream shadow, which makes it easier for me to apply.

I used the applicator brush to draw on some thick liner.  I usually do superthin lines for my upper lashline, but there was a lot of product left on the brush so:

My one complaint with this is that there is always some product left over when I am done.  I think the showerheads release the perfect amount of product, but I get a little too much with this.  That could also have to do with this color though, since I usually use it as a liner or as a sheered out base for a smokey eye, but never as a full intense wash of color.  Staying power is excellent.  I love using gel liners, but my biggest problem with them is that they always end up leaving a little imprint on my lids at the end of the day (everything smudges on me, even with primer underneath).  I did my usual thin liner (using a separate brush) and Creamy Eyes, and at the end of the day there was still a hint of an imprint, but it was much smaller than the usual ones (plus I had no primer on that day).  This also dries fairly quickly, taking about a minute.  After blending, let it set and you’re good to go!  Creamy Eyes retails for 26 British Pounds (approximately $36).

My rating: A

That wraps it up for Ellis Faas.  I loved all the products from this line, although I wish the prices were a little lower.  Let me know what you think, especially if you have a store near you!

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were sent to me for review purposes.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


13 thoughts on “More Cool Makeup From Ellis Faas

  1. Oooh, that liner/shadow looks really nice! It looks really nicely pigmented. Haha, I don’t really wear blush either. My cheeks are also naturally flushed(flushy?). LOL. 😀

  2. Oh my god that creamy eyes looks fantastic on you! It looks the best of of any liner I’ve ever seen you wear!! I love the idea of a cream eyeliner that is contained within itself so that you don’t have to clean a brush. That is pure genius ma dears. But I’d rather save up for a new camera than blow forty bucks on some eyeliner. lol.

    • It’s sooo good. I’m legitimately in love. And I tried it as a base for a smokey eye today, and it’s super blendable as well. They have other colors that look like they would serve the same purpose as your EL cream shadow. MY CAMERA IS NOT WORKING. MY XSi MY BABY *cries* I’m trying to fix it right now

  3. Hey hon! How are you? Ooo these are some nice goodies you got yourself! The lip colour looks amazing, I need something like it in my stash! XO

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