I Came, I Saw, I Hauled

As promised, here are the goods I hauled yesterday.  And the title of today’s post is Latin themed in anticipation for the final I’m taking tomorrow, wish me luck!

OMFG yup I finally found Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure!  Grabbed the last bottle on the display stand, and this is definitely the most I have ever spent on any nail polish.  $8 Sally Hansen?!  Are you kidding me?  But it was worth it, I’ll do a manicure with this as soon as I have more time.  I also picked up a waterproof lip liner from Prestige in True Red.  The texture of this is so smooth and creamy, very similar to their waterproof eyeliners which were discontinued (garrr I shall never understand why they did that).  I want to go back and pick up more colors.  I’m going to be pretty busy next week with finals, but I’ve got some posts lined up, so keep checking back!  After next week, it’s all over, and I finally get to enjoy my summer.

Hope everyone had a good weekend,

Makeup Morsels


14 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Hauled

  1. You found Hidden Treasure! I haven’t even seen the display in my local drugstores. *sigh*

    But OMG you take Latin!?!?! I do (too?)! I loooove Latin. Good luck on your final! 😀

    • I found mine at Rite Aid, I know Walgreens has the display too but Hidden Treasure is never there. And I don’t think I’ve even seen the display at CVS. I suppose you might want to check Target and Ulta as well. YESSS *high 5* How long have you been taking it? And thanks!

      • whoa whoa whoa mandatory to take latin or just a language in general? awesomee I’ve been taking it for 4 years, so by the time I’m done w/ school I’ll have 6 years of latin under my belt

      • It’s mandatory to take Latin because my school is (City Name here) Latin School. I have to take another foreign language in addition to Latin.

        That’s so awesome! I meet someone else who takes Latin over the interwebz, haha. 🙂

        • hahahah this is awesomee. At my old school I had to do that too (foreign language+mandatory latin) but then at my current school I’m just taking Latin. Plus Chinese outside of school because I don’t want all those Saturdays I spent as a little kid wallowing in Chinese school to go to waste

  2. gah! jealous! i’m beginning to think hidden treasure is like bigfoot or something, people claim to find it and take convincing pictures, but it’s not real. i can never find it ANYWHERE 🙂

  3. I CANT BELIEVE I GUESSED IT. See, I tell you I’m psychic. I’m glad you recommended the prestige lip liners. I’ve been wondering what brand to buy a basic lip liner from.. and I can’t wait for the hidden treasure notd!! I know I’ve seen a thousand pictures of it.. but I just love seeing more. lol

    • you’ve got hidden supapowers! Yeah, definitely check those out, but make sure you get the waterproof ones. They’re so affordable too, I think $3.69 each (I only remembered that because it was 3, 6, 9!) hahha yeah, it’s gorgeous huh?

  4. i got that salley hansen nail polish too, but in different colours. i thought it was a bit runny, but other then that it’s not bad.

    good luck on finals, you’ll do great!

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