Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 6/7/10

Dun dun dun.  Back with more random Monday posting.  I hope you guys actually enjoy reading these because they help me keep the randomness organized (this blog isn’t just about makeup, after all.  I like to throw in other things too).  This way, though, I can fill you all in on purely non-beauty related things one day out of the week. 

This week, I bring you more food from President Thai (I introduced them in one MMM featuring their green curry sole fillet).

Today, I’d like you to meet their mango with sticky rice *that’s your cue to say yummmm*

I read lots of good things about this on yelp (I read that when I’m hungry, which is terrible because all it does is make me even more hungry).  I finally tried it one day, and oh my goodness it was good.  The mango doesn’t taste 100% fresh, but it’s still tasty.  I have a feeling this would be even better if I chilled the mango separately before eating it.  The rice was what basically made the whole dish come together.  The texture was perfect with the slippery mango, and it was soaked in a bit of condensed milk with sesame seeds on top.  It had a good balance of salty-sweet, and all in all I was once again blown away by President Thai.  I’ll have to show you more of my favorite dishes from there soon.

That’s all for today, and I’ve got to get back to studying now.  Thanks for all your good luck wishes and happy thoughts, soon it will all be over!

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7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 6/7/10

  1. It’s just amazing. I love love love having this all the time. The thing about Asian foods my mom was pointing out the other day is that it’s all about the texture. Chewy, slimy, gummy, soft, crunchy…

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