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Last of the Lumene Lineup

Here’s Part 3 of the Lumene skincare reviews.  You can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

I’ll start off with some products from their ExCELLent Future range.  This is the Deep Repairing Night Cream.  To be honest, I wasn’t all that crazy about this one.

Once again, I really like the packaging this comes in, but I think my skin prefers their Sensitive Touch Night Cream.  I believe this contains some Dimethicone, which made my skin feel overly slick at night.  It didn’t break me out or irritate my skin at all, but I still disliked that slippery feeling.  This is nice and moisturizing though, so it might be good for those of you with very dry skin.  As far as consistency goes, this is just a teeny bit thicker than the Sensitive Touch Cream, and feels slightly cool going on the skin.  This retails for $30 a jar.

My rating: B

Next is their Deep Repairing Serum.

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Since I am a 5-year-old at heart, I spent a good twenty minutes playing with the packaging.  I just love it so much; you squeeze the top of the glass dropper to get the product, and then dispense it into your waiting palm, or back into the bottle if you are just doing it for amusement.  I love the luxe frosted glass bottle this comes in as well.

The directions say to apply it both morning and night underneath moisturizer.  This gives me the same slick feeling as their moisturizer, so I didn’t apply it at night, but I think it makes a great primer for the day.  It made my skin super, super smooth.  This, of course, also contains dimethicone.  However, I have been using it for a month and it has not broken me out so keep that in mind.  I think the skin on the rest of my body might be more sensitive to dimethicone than my face is for some reason, who knows.  Anyways, this makes a nice smooth base, especially when I wear foundation on those special occasions.  This is also $30.

My rating: B+

The last product I’m reviewing from this range is their Deep Repairing Eye Cream.

If I hadn’t been so spoiled by a certain other eye cream, I might have really loved this.  It’s extremely quick absorbing with a medium texture, and certainly keeps the area around my eyes moisturized.  It’s got a medium consistency, and doesn’t irritate my skin or my eyes.  As eye creams go, this is pretty darn good, but I’m being picky now that I’ve met my eye cream soulmate.  This retails for $25.

My rating: B+

All in all, I wasn’t blown away by the ExCELLent Future line, but I also get the feeling that these particular products were not marketed for my skin type (oily/combo).  Lumene has churned out many of my HG  products though, so check out the other 2 reviews I linked to at the beginning of this post if these don’t sound like they’d mesh well with your skin.

I’ve already reviewed these next 2 products previously.  They are not part of the ExCELLent Future range.

Lumene Radiant Dual Serum:

I still use this every single day, it has become my HG moisturizer.  Check out the original review here.

Lumene Time Freeze Instant Cooling Eye Stick:

Love this product as well.  And it won a contest!  Read here, and experience the dramatic contest between three eye waker-uppers for yourself.

For those of you interested in trying out these products, I’d recommend waiting around for the frequent 50% off sales on Lumene at CVS or Rite Aid, which makes a lot of these more than worth it.  Happy shopping!

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Full Disclosure: The products in this post were sent to me for review purposes.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


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