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Green for Spring Bean Lustreglass

Here it is, the long-overdue swatch of that lipgloss I was so excited about.  The lipgloss that would finally complete my collection.  I’m actually serious about that, no more lipgloss for me.

Oh, did I mention today was my last final, and I’m officially on summer vacation now?  I felt like this year would never end, in fact I feel like I should be studying for a final right now!  It’s going to take a while for the novelty of summer to set in.

Back to the lipgloss!

Doesn’t this picture remind you of a tree?  Imagine that, an entire forest of lipgloss…

Mac Spring Bean, flash

Mac Spring Bean, no flash

On the day I swatched this, the lighting brought out the yellow side more than the green.  In reality, the color is a tad more green, look at the original picture I took of this gloss (linked at beginning of post).  It’s a lovely spring green shot through with green-gold shimmer.  On the lips, it turns into a super pretty caramel-colored nude.  In direct sunlight, the green shimmer comes out, and it’s absolutely gorgeous and unique.

This color might not be for everyone, but I’m personally 100% in love with it.  Who’s with me?

I’m packing my bag for a short thank-the-lord-it’s-finally-summer-trip right now.  Ironically, every year when I finally get out of school for the summer, it’s never sunny.  It’s like the universe is taunting me *shakes fist angrily*

Right, off to pack!


11 thoughts on “Green for Spring Bean Lustreglass

  1. Green gloss is definitely a bold choice! I don’t think I would ever pick that up, but it does look nice on.

    … And I’m new to your blog but somehow doubt you weren’t serious about closing your lip gloss collection. We’ve all said that and who ever means it?

    • Thanks, it’s one of those novelty glosses I picked up after I had run through all the usual colors. haha oh no, if you’d seen my stash post earlier, you would understand. My lipgloss addiction is completely out of hand! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. This is really nice. Unfortunately, I don’t like wearing MAC glosses or glosses in general unless its a special occasion or very non-sticky. I guess lipsticks are more my thing. It’s so satisfying when you find a lip color that is totally unique and yet you can pull it off *for me at least to a certain extent lol. I always get really really giddy from packing. Did we close the deal on the rooming situation? or not.. hm idk..

    • I wear lipsticks on casual days, since I feel like they’re less noticeable and ‘easier’ than lipgloss. I like wearing glosses on special occasions or days when my makeup is super simple. Yeah I love that feeling, got some super nice lipsticks today. hahah I haven’t started, I thought we did! Hope so…

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