Back From Trip + Haul Confession

My three day trip turned out to be more of a three day “grab everything in sight spree.”  I ran across so many deals it was almost as if all the drugstores knew I was coming their way.

I’ll do more in-depth reviews/swatches of this stuff later on, this is just a quick overview.

I’ll start with the confession part:

What?!  Are those lipglosses?  er…

So much for my lipgloss ban.  In my defense, I have been looking for these everywhere, and Walgreens completely slashed the prices on them.  I got Lilac Pastelle for $2 and Peach Petal for $1.  How am I supposed to say no to that?  It’s ok, you can judge me lol.  I have no willpower.

Next up are more lippies.  But they’re lipsticks, so that’s a bit better.  I’m just addicted to my lip products I guess.  These are from the Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy line.  I’ve also tried the eyeliners from this line, and they are extremely smooth and creamy.  The lipsticks were no different, I loved all of them.  CVS was having a 75% off sale on all the lipsticks from this line, so I just grabbed whatever I saw.  The original price of these is 10 bucks, which I am not going to pay for a drugstore lipstick, but with the sale, these were more than worth it.  The texture and shape of these actually reminds me a lot of Lancome lipsticks.  They’re super smooth, creamy, and pigmented.  Although they’re not as moisturizing as my Revlon tinted lipbalms, they don’t dry my lips out either, and the staying power is great (approx 5 hours w/ eating).  I will do a full post on these soon, since there’s so much more to say.

Last but not least, some hair stuff.  I stopped by Super Target on the way back (I was unaware that these existed until today), and picked up a 1.5 inch curling iron from Conair and some Heat Tamer spray from Tresomme.  The Sally Hershberger Wavy Style Primer was $1 from Walgreens.  I have no idea what was going on that day, but they had a bunch of nice stuff in the back for $1-$2, and I snatched a 50% off bottle of Seche Vite.

Now it feels like summer 😀


14 thoughts on “Back From Trip + Haul Confession

  1. I’ve been searching for those Revlon glosses all over! Still can’t find them or a good deal for them. 😦 Now I want the Carmindy lipsticks too.

    • Check the clearance bins in the back of your local Walgreens for the glosses. As for the lipsticks, I’m pretty sure all the CVS’s should have a 75% off sale on them b/c they’re getting rid of them (dunno why they would do that, but I’m not complaining)

  2. Wow you’re not kidding about the haul! 😛

    We have a 50% off lipglosses / lipsticks in Rexall (Canadian drugstore) and I picked up a Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Life’s a Peach. I’m wearing it now, right before I wash off my face for the night, and it’s kinda beautiful. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation.

    • loll nope. multiple moments of weakness really add up 😀 ooh I actually don’t like that one as much. It’s good for layering over nude or coral lipsticks, but on its own makes my lips look too milky. If you run across a 50% off again, check out Pearl Plum (light stained look) or Glossy Rose (exactly like the name sounds and sooo pretty). I’d normally recommend Cherries in the Glow, but it looks very similar to that Anabelle gloss you have.

  3. Ooh! Love the haul. The colours of the lipglosses and lippies are so gorgeous! I don’t blame you for caving in, I would have too!!!

    Would love to see swatches =D

    And I sooo want a curler too! Although I know I’ll hardly ever use it.

    By the way, just to let you know before you spring off and spend extortionate amounts of money on the Dior Lip Glow, I have updated my review (since people keep saying they’re going to disappear off and buy it, and my review was pretty appaling in the amount of information it imparted).


    Also, thanks for following me. How do I follow you back? Or can I just add your blog to my reading list?

    • hehe good to know, I’ll try to put them up sometime this week. It took me forever to find this, most drugstores only had up to 1.25 inches, but I wanted a wavy look so whew finally found it. I’m more interested in the packaging and color of that than the moisturization. I have very dry lips, so I know that wouldn’t cut it for me, but it just looked so pretty on you. Thanks for updating the review 😀 unfortunately WordPress doesn’t have a follow function, I really wish they could include that. Of course you can, thanks so much!

      • It’s fine! Thanks for letting me know in my cbox. I forgot to tick ‘notify me of follow up comments’ for the last one!

        Yeah! Totally agree with you though, loose waves > tight curls!

        And wow I just noticed that your blog has a mobile phone version! 🙂 works very nicely on my iPhone! Pretty cool!

    • not really actully! I have the Satin Finish one, maybe yours is from a different line? I just set it on the counter, spritzed some Heat Tamer spray, sectioned my hair, and then it was good to go.

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