Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 6/14

This marks my first Monday post of the summer, pretty exciting ya?  I thought I’d talk about a couple of ready-to-eat desserts from Trader Joe’s today.  I got a couple boxes of these lemon bars the other week.  Sure, they’re not as good as the real thing hot from the oven, but still pretty darn good.  They could probably use a little less sugar, but overall the lemon part is good and the crust tastes nice and filling.

I also got this blueberry tart from the freezer section.  Another defrost then devour pastry.  I was surprised that the crust was still dry (not in a bad way) and buttery by the time it was done defrosting.  I had expected the blueberries to make it soggy.

I think it’s the layer of gelatin between the fruit and the crust that keeps it from getting soaked.  Nifty?  I think so.

Unfortunately, the gelatin is too thin to stop the blueberries from ruining the crust after about 5 hours or so.  And the blueberries themselves don’t taste that great.  Fresh blueberries are good and so are frozen ones.  But defrosted frozen blueberries?  Not so much.  I was meh about this one, definitely not as good as the lemon bars.

That’s it for today.  How were your Mondays?


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