EOTD (Eye of the Day)

EOTD: Smokey Green

This one’s for you Marce 😀

As usual, here’s what I used:

Click to enlarge

This tutorial is extremely picture heavy, so click to read on!

1. I skipped eye primer for this one since I removed it about 20 minutes after I finished.  I would definitely recommend starting out with a primer, though (such as TSFI or UDPP).  Using my fingers, I patted a thin layer of the green shade from Revlon’s Illuminance Creme Shadow quad in Moonlit Jewels over my eyelid.

2. Again using my fingers, I applied a bit of Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in E103 onto the outer corner, blending it out.

3. Using an eyeshadow brush, I applied MAC Warm Suede on the inner corner.

4. I patted one of the shades from my Integrate GR108 Palette on the middle of my lid.  It doesn’t matter which specific color I used because they all look pretty much the same.

5. Using a contour brush, I layered MAC Grand Entrance on the outer corner, blending everything out.


6. Using the Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes again, I lined my upper lashline with a bent liner brush.  I also patted MAC Sweet Joy on my browbone as a highlight.

7. I (rather messily) lined my lower lashline halfway with Revlon Colorstay Liner in black,

8. then went over it with MAC Warm Suede and a flat liner brush.

9. Last step!  I curled my lashes and applied Lancome Definicils mascara.  This look could definitely have used some falsies, but I don’t happen to have any.

All done!  A few more pictures of the finished look:


17 thoughts on “EOTD: Smokey Green

    • every time you like my EOTDs it’s like validation. cuz your skills are totally way way way above my head like at the top of the cliff from whence I fell above my head. love you 😉

  1. Green looks fabu on you! 😉
    Warm Suede looks like such a pretty green. And I agree, the last picture is gorgeous!

    And (in reply to you comment on my blog) I’ve been doing well! Finals are done (YAY!), one project due today, and another tomorrow. But nothing else otherwise. I’m finally done with this year! 😀

    • thanks! It’s definitely my favorite color, but I don’t wear it that much because it emphasizes how bloodshot my eyes are lol. WOOHOO that’s how I felt at the end of the year too. finally……. geez this was probably the worst year ever

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