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Deep Cleanse Me, DHC

You know that scene in Mulan where she wipes her makeup off in about 2 seconds?

karaoke style for your enjoyment!  skip to 1:20 for serious makeup removal action

I’m willing to bet that she pre-soaked her sleeves in some of this DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

I found a mostly used up bottle around the house the other week, and couldn’t help remembering how much I used to love it.  Well, I rekindled my relationship with it, and now I’m in love all over again.  This stuff is SO GOOD.  One pump gets rid of all my eye makeup, be it regular or waterproof.  I just rub it gently over my eyes, working it over my mascara and into my lashline, and then rinse it all off.  It never irritates my eyes, and it gets rid of everything.  I used it after the EOTD I showed you yesterday, and it removed every single trace of makeup.  Pretty impressive.  Of course, since this is an oil, it does feel oily when it’s on your eyes, but it also leaves no residue behind, so fear not.

I’m a bit confused about the price.  I looked it up online, and saw it going for around $20 for a bottle.  I always buy mine at the 7/11’s in Taiwan (which I must say are millions of times better than the 7/11’s we have here) for around half that price, if I remember correctly.  I will have to research that when I go back this summer.

All in all, this is a definite HG for me.  I would use it all the time for makeup removal except for the fact that I might not always have the opportunity to wash my face, which is where this remover comes in.

My rating: A+


11 thoughts on “Deep Cleanse Me, DHC

  1. Thanks for providing the ktv version! I was having a good singalong there that I forgot the original point of the video!!! =P

    I definitely need to check this cleansing oil out then!

  2. LOL AWESOME. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the DHC Cleansing Oil! I wonder if I could find it in SF… I don’t think I’ve seen it around here. Have you tried the Kanebo Kracie Olive Deep Cleansing Oil? I think it’s also pretty amazing since it takes off the Kiss Me Heroine mascara all in one go, but it’s not my absolute fav since it seems to irritate my skin a teensy bit if I just use it by itself. =/

    • hehe it’s so good. I think they have a flagship store in SF no? I could be wrong. No, I actually have not. Where can I find Kracie? Although I might just stick to this since it doesn’t irritate my skin at all, but then again your skin is super sensitive

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