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Hemingway Nails, Take 2

a.k.a., a Hidden Treasure manicure.  I suppose this reminds me more of mermaids than fish scales (see the first Hemingway manicure here), but you get the idea.

First off, let me say this polish is absolutely magical.  So very magical that it wouldn’t even capture on my camera.

I’ve seen a lot of Hidden Treasure on black manicures, and now I realize that there’s a reason for that.  It definitely shows up best against black polish on camera.  These pictures make the effect seem subtle, but trust me, it definitely pops out more in real life.

This first picture *kinda* shows the awesome orange/yellow/green duochrome effect.  ish.  Just multiply it by ten, and that’s how it actually looks.


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This should give you a better idea of how insanely glowy the orange looks.

Doesn’t this remind you of an undersea volcano?  So watery and cool 😀

A few additional comments about the polish itself.  Formula is great; it goes on easily because of the wide brush, and the flakes are densely packed so you don’t have to resort to getting them out with a toothpick.  This is a bit of a pain to remove, but it’s completely worth it.  I wish it wasn’t so expensive (7 bucks for a drugstore nail polish is just ridiculous), but since no one’s making cheaper dupes, that leaves me with no other choice.

Buy it.  Wear it.  Stare at it.

Update: wow, stupid me.  I forgot to say what I layered this over.  The silver polish is China Glaze Devotion.


11 thoughts on “Hemingway Nails, Take 2

  1. such a great idea to layer it over something metallic! This looks really special.

    And @Catherine: my fellow sufferer – I will probably also never be able to call this gorgeous nail polish my own.. sigh.. oh well, there are dupes…

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