Miscellaneous Monday Morsels

Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 7/19/10

Yeesh, I almost forgot it was Monday.  First off, I’d like to give a loooong overdue thank you to my friend Hens (yes, that is an alias)

Thanks so much for the delicious walnut brownies and the necklace, which I really love!  Hope you’re having fun on your trip right now 😀

I wanted to share this song with all of you.  We analyzed it in the writing course I took, and I’ve had it on replay ever since I got back.  I got the clean version for your enjoyment, which actually deletes quite a chunk of the song… ah well, you get the picture.  This one of the most intense music videos I have ever seen in my life.

Happy Monday!

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 7/19/10

  1. hahaha.. Stan…
    I bought the singularly Dido track
    It’s a lot more optimistic sounding than this..
    It reminds me of passionfruit and that picture.

    on another note,
    I realized why nobody likes misc monday. It’s because you TANTALIZE US WITH FOOD THAT YOU ATE AND WE CAN’T HAVE.

    • I love this song so much, but that scratchy pencil sound throughout the song really grates on my ears. dude I tell you where to get it! think of it as me broadening your restaurant horizons…ok that’s not really the case this week, but most of the time it’s accessible food! to you at least

  2. OMG DUDE SINCE WHEN DID YOU GET BACK? Omg where have I been lol? Why why why did you put a photo of brownies just when I’m having an insane craving for chocolate!

    • hehe got back on Friday! I’ve been catching up w/ commenting on everyone’s posts, headed for Taiwan tonight but bringing my laptop with me. oooh sorry *sends you virtual brownie*

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