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NOTD: Neon Pumpkin

Update: argh I always forget to put the name of the polish!  This is Sinful Big Daddy

I’ve always been under the impression that Sinful polishes suck, who knows why.  But when I saw one for 50 cents, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.  Besides, my wallet was about to burst with all the change I’d stuffed in there, so I thought it would be nice to lighten it by a couple of quarters.

The formula is actually very easy to work with.  It’s a nice consistency, and was opaque (enough) in 2 coats with a jelly finish.

The bottle color looks like a hot coral, almost pinkish (the nail color in this picture is inaccurate, but that’s what the polish looks like in the bottle).

But, when it goes on…


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My one and only complaint about this is the scent.  This is possibly the worst smelling polish I have ever laid hands on in my life.  But as long as I open all the windows and stop breathing, this is the perfect, bright summer polish.

I’m boarding my plane tonight, so I’ll catch up with you guys once I land!

11 thoughts on “NOTD: Neon Pumpkin

  1. Have FUN!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I actually rather dislike Sinful polishes. Compared to my favorites (OPI, most China Glazes and Zoyas) they’re really thick and hard to lay down evenly (though really, all the OPIs I have practically paint themselves onto your nails) AND I get the WORST STAINING EVER with Sinfuls! Every single one I’ve tried and DEEPLY DEEPLY stained my nails PERMANENTLY. I’m still growing out the stain I got from wearing Sinful Cloud 9 like … in March. T_T; (I wore Cloud 9 right after I did the bamboo and panda Konad mani with Sinful Innocence, and Innocence left this disgusting pea green stain on my nails – I was so surprised when Cloud 9 stained OVER it and made my nails bright orange. And seriously, despite soaking, roughly 20 manicures of nail polish remover and regularly filing down my nails, the tips are still stained badly enough that I can’t wear sheers unless I do a 2.5mm french tip. I’ve avoided all the rest of my Sinfuls since then and no other polish I’ve worn has stained the growing out part of my nails – and seriously I can count the number of polishes in my collection that stain my nails (through basecoat!) on one hand and they are all reds and blackened blues.)

    Makes me really sad because Sinful Daddy’s Girl is the AWESOME purple but I’m afraid to wear it now. T_T;

    • I was expecting that too actually. I love the China Glaze and Zoya formulas (formulae?) but this one actually held up against those two. Now the polish formula I absolutely detest is (most) Sally Hansen’s. So runny and goopy, plus they stay dentable for such a long time, even with Seche. I do hope this doesn’t stain, though. I guess I won’t know until I remove it, I’ll keep you posted on that. oooh I remember that Konadicure you did, it was so pretty.

  2. DUDE 50 cents?? Where? How? LOL! What a steal! I love jelly finishes and that particular orange looks like a cross between fire engine red and orange lol.

    • hahah sometimes Sinful has sales on certain shades, you should keep an eye out for those. Me too! They look so wonderfully squishy. I honestly can’t get a handle on this color. At first it was coral, and then neon pumpkin, and now in this lighting it looks like the color you described it as. I really want a cantaloupe colored jelly polish

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