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Why Wisp?

Good question, huh?  Maybe because they’re really cool and actually work.  Or maybe because when you’re on a 12 hour flight and can barely stomach the airplane food, they’re the one spot of joy in your life (not kidding here).

Wisps make my mouth feel much cleaner than mints or gum.  I love how minty these taste, the thing in the center is basically a bead of mouthwash that bursts open as you scrub away.  It’s got plastic-y bristles (actually they might be rubber, but they’re sort of stiff).  They work well at making my teeth feel clean, and the base doubles as a nice toothpick.  I also love how portable these are, I can pop them right into my makeup clutch with plenty of room to spare.  I can’t see myself using these anywhere other than on long plane rides, but they are so perfect for those.  I got these on a BOGO half off, so the cost worked out to about $1.35 for 4 Wisps, which I find reasonable.

My rating: A+

11 thoughts on “Why Wisp?

  1. I hope you’re having fun in Taiwan!!!
    Quick question though- Would Wisps work well for, say, if I wanted to have a sleepover and eat ramen at 1 am but didn’t want to get up at that hour to brush my teeth because I didn’t want to wake up my guardian? This is important.

    I miss you! Have an amazing trip!
    Angela (not the little one)

    • Hello Angela,

      Well, I wouldn’t suggest eating ramen at 1 am because it is bad for your digestion (I would know). If, however, you cannot help yourself, Wisps are a wonderful option. You could also tiptoe down the hall to the bathroom really quietly, but if you’re like me, you will probably crash into a screen halfway and wake your guardian up. Miss you too!

      ~Makeup Morsels

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