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Lunch at Yi Ping + Sinful Update

Yesterday, my relatives treated me to a lovely lunch at my favorite restaurant, Yi Ping.  This may sound a little sad, but I’ve waited an entire year just to eat here again.

They have the freshest sashimi I’ve ever tasted in my life.  I particularly like the salmon (on the right side of my plate), it’s so luscious and fatty.  The orange thing on the left is baked pumpkin.

Picture heavy post, click to read on!


Octopus with some sort of mayo-based sauce on top.  Very tender, not at all rubbery.

My favorite dish that they offer.  I probably spend 50% of the time thinking about these lamb chops.  I don’t know what they put in the sauce, but it reminds me of garlic bread.  It comes with onions and mustard, which help cut the richness of the meat.

If you’re ever in Taiwan, you need to check this place out.  The prices are pretty reasonable (if you’re used to eating overpriced Japanese food in L.A., that is) and the fish is super fresh.  For anyone who’s interested, the address is:

台北市敦化南路 2 段 81 巷 47 號


1) a little update about the Sinful polish.  I just removed it today, and am happy to report that there was no staining with this particular color.  It did, however, start chipping like crazy after a couple of days.

2) I’m going to halt the Miscellaneous Monday Morsels while I’m in Taiwan, since when it’s Monday for you, it’s not Monday for me.  Plus the beauty posts might be harder to come by since I don’t have access to my stash at the moment, so except more food/shopping/music stuff thrown in with the makeup posts.

10 thoughts on “Lunch at Yi Ping + Sinful Update

  1. Wow, the lamb chops look so yummy. 🙂

    I’m not a fan of sashimi though–having/chewing on raw fish (well, raw seafood overall) in my mouth just makes me want to hurl. I don’t know, it’s weird with me.

    Hope you’ll have more fun in Taiwan!

    • I used to be the same way, I never ate sashimi because it seemed kinda weird. I really like smoked salmon though, so I tried salmon sashimi one day and it was delicious. There are some things here that I am unwilling to eat though, like chicken feet. 😀 thank you, I plan on it. I’m going to another one of my favorite places for lunch today. How’s your summer going?

  2. OMG that food looks AMAZING! Aw, I really hope I have a chance to visit Taiwan again soon! Hope you’re having a blast! 😀

    Also, so jealous re: the Sinful polish!!! =P

    • If you’re ever in Taiwan when I’m in Taiwan, we should meet up for lunch! Your trip looked really fun as well though, I want to visit Greece if I can next year. You should try that Sinful color out, maybe it will work for you.

    • erghh go eat! Don’t look at food pictures on an empty stomach. Actually I often read your Food & Nosh posts when I’m hungry, and then I’m like ack…why did I do that?

  3. Ah that looks amazing!!
    I hope you’re having fun, hopefully we can talk soon..
    I was also wondering what color that sinful was
    is it fried rice by any chance?


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