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Does Lycee Help Me See?

When people meet me for the first time, they usually latch onto two things.  First, there’s the obligatory wow you’re so tall! comment followed by uhhh are you okay?  Your eyes are really red.

Yeah, it’s true.  A combination of never-ending allergies and being tired all the time gives my peepers that lovely crimson hue.  Which is why I get excited over things like…eyedrops.  My aunt, who I’m staying with, kindly gave me these eyedrops she’d picked up in Japan.  I think I saw these at Watson’s the other day, but I’ll have to go back and check.

So where to start with these?  Just look at the box.  Look at the gorgeous, irregularly shaped sparkles on the box.

And then look at the bottle.  Can you even believe that’s an eyedrop bottle?!

Want to see the bottle?  Click to read on!

Pretty!  So, so pretty!

Erm, right, product description.  These particular eyedrops are, from what I can gather off the box (I don’t read Japanese, so I’m just going by the one line of English) essentially rewetting drops (i.e., put them in when you’re wearing contact lenses).  When I tested these out for the first time, I was put-off by the cooling sensation.  Imagine getting a little bit of menthol in your eye, that’s essentially what it felt like.  It didn’t irritate my eyes, though, or cause any pain.  When the cooling sensation faded, my eyes actually felt nicely refreshed and clear.  These did not, however, whiten my eyes whatsoever (darn).  I could definitely tell that they moisturized my contacts , though.  That together with the packaging makes this a pretty nifty item.  I don’t know how much this costs right now, but I’ve planned a Watson’s trip sometime next week, so I’ll let you know when I find out.

My rating: A-

Full Disclosure: This was a present from my aunt, so technically not purchased by me.  And by aunt, I don’t mean company.  And by present, I don’t mean product sent to me for consideration.

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