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FreeRice, How Nice!

I once attended this activity at camp called Free Money.  Contrary to my expectations, I did not receive any money.  They didn’t even give us a penny.  Not even some coupons.  Instead, it was a lecture on college scholarships.  I can’t say I was thrilled at the time, since I was too young to be thinking of college anyways.  But I learned my lesson.  Just because something has “Free” in the name doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything material involved.  But sometimes there is.  Take, for instance, FreeRice.

FreeRice is a website that I’ve been using for a while.  There are a number of categories you can choose from (link provided below).  I usually go with Vocabulary, or Grammar.  For every question you answer correctly, the website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.  In addition to helping out, FreeRice is actually quite a nice way to pass the time.  I’ve learned many new words from it, such as footle.  I’ve also learned that flume and gulch mean the same thing.

I donated 6210 grains of rice yesterday.  I challenge you to do better 😀

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “FreeRice, How Nice!

  1. Hi dear! The stila lip glaze stick is pretty, but it doesn’t have long staying power because it’s not sticky at all. But I don’t mind reapplying because it’s so easy, and I don’t even need a mirror — I love how it’s a fat pencil!

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