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Erika F: The (Failed) Quest for an Eyeshadow

For the last two weeks, my grandmother has had me on no-coffee-no-chocolate-no-tea (with the exception of green tea thank god) no-seafood and apparently no-nuts (I discovered this last stipulation yesterday when I ate a peanut mochi) lockdown.  My will to live stems from several of the items on this list, so I’ve been slightly irritable living off of bunny food and water.  The lockdown continues until this Friday.  To top it off, we keep going to these fancy seafood restaurants on the weekends.

Yesterday, I decided that if I didn’t get some retail therapy in, I was going to explode (my definition of retail therapy is standing in the middle of the makeup department with a crazed smile on my face).  I headed off to Sogo in search of a very special eyeshadow.

Lancome’s #133 G40 Erika F is a gorgeous silvery green neutral shadow that US stores don’t carry (there’s some ingredient in there that’s not legal in America).  Well, after scanning various department stores, I don’t think it’s available in Taiwan either.  Bummer.  I was in utter bliss at Sogo, though.  They have a NARS counter!  And a Guerlain counter!  And a Magie Deco counter!  So I still got my makeup gratification without having to spend a penny.  Oh, and I was walking past the Estee Lauder counter and saw these:

Don’t they remind you of the Mac Blush Ombres?

~Makeup Morsels


4 thoughts on “Erika F: The (Failed) Quest for an Eyeshadow

  1. The second one from the right looks so much like Ripe Peach! Just looking at makeup makes me happy. 🙂

    An illegal eyeshadow, eh? Sounds pretty awesome, haha. 😀

    • I know! That one caught my eye first. hehe totally with you on that one. I love swatching makeup too. The back of my hand was super colorful by the time I was done. The pictures I’ve seen look sooo pretty. It’s just as well that I’m not paying 20 bucks for an eyeshadow though.

  2. Aww… that sounds horrible especially if you’re going to seafood places! That’s like my favorite part of Taiwan! D: D: D:

    & lol, yea, that 4th one is called Peach Nuance and has been found in CCOs across the US by ppl searching for a Ripe Peach dupe. It’s apparently a good bit lighter and more peach though, iirc. Estee Lauder is MAC’s parent company though, so it’s not that surprising.

    & aww, sorry you couldn’t find Erika F. That one is legendary!

    • I knowww. Seafood is what they do best. LOL you teach me new acronyms every day 😀 I knew about that one before I even started blogging! Pity they don’t seem to have it here

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