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Watson’s Haul

They kept me overtime tonight, and it was really late by the time I got home.  The tired, rational me said that I should just go shower and call it a night.  But the part of me I call Makeup Morsels marched right on to Watson’s.

Wow guys.  I wish Asian drugstore cosmetics weren’t so expensive.  They’re gorgeous, but when you put them next to the stuff you can get at America drugstores with BOGOF sales…yikes.  I did quite a lot of damage to my wallet without even purchasing that many items.  Anyways, first I ran around the store swatching everything in sight.  I’m telling you, it looked like the glitter fairy crash landed on my hands and died.  There were so many more things I wanted (KATE gel eyeliners, Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash Eyes and Majex Lip Cream) but I made myself walk away.  Or maybe walk isn’t the right word to use here.  Picture a penguin waddling away from a nice yummy fish, and you get the idea.

And then, I walked up to the Kiss Me stand, and of course Long & Curl was all gone.  I can’t say I was all that surprised, since it’s been flying off the shelves since I got here, but still minor disappointment since I probably won’t be going back to Watson’s again.  I also picked up a couple of gifts for my friends back in the States (not pictured here).  Alright, ready to see the haul?  Click it!

First off, the Majolica Majorca stuff.  I got a single shadow in BE286, a Trick On palette in BR742, and a Lash Expander mascara.

And then a couple of items from KATE.  I got their Under Eye Concealer (one shade only) and a Gel Eyeshadow in GY-1.

The item I’m actually most excited about is the KATE concealer.  Will post swatches and reviews of everything later on this week, but it’s definitely time for me to sleep.  Good night everyone!

~Makeup Morsels


15 thoughts on “Watson’s Haul

  1. The Majolica Majorca palette looks so pretty! I’ve wanted one of those for a looong time. And the Kate eyeliner looks like such a pretty color! 🙂

    Man, I’d just die in there. I have so many inner conflicts when buying makeup at Sephora or the drugstore, let alone an Asian drugstore.

    • omg my camera couldn’t even capture the amazingness of the eyeshadows. When I do swatches, you’ll see why I had to get these. It’s actually a gel eyeshadow! (I’ve tried cream eyeshadows, never gel). I wanted a gel eyeliner too, but they were more expensive, so I went with the gel shadow.

  2. Aww, sorry that your trip wasn’t exactly what you had in mind but great haul nonetheless! I actually think of Asian drugstore products as pretty comparable to Western mid-high end so I don’t mind paying extra for the quality (Kiss Me Heroine mascara is still cheaper than MAC or Clinique and the texture of Visee shadows easily rivals the best in my entire collection). There are of course hits and misses, but that’s true for pretty much everything.

    & duuude! I think I actually have that MM palette! I’m actually not as big of a fan of MM shadows … but I should totally pull that palette out and try it a few more times.

    • That’s true actually. The quality and packaging kind of justify the price. And arghh I can’t find Visee anywhere! My main problem is that I have to watch how much I buy here many times more than I do at say, CVS. Honestly, I bought that palette just for the “Trick On” shadow, the rest were nothing special. But that one’s got this green iridescence, SO GORGEOUS.

  3. Yay, for Watsons! I used to love going there years back when I spent my vacation in Taiwan!

    The MM palette looks really pretty, and the Kate gel shadow looks so pigmented and shimmery!

    • I love Watsons, they have so much more stuff than Cosmed. I think I grabbed the most pigmented one that was left 🙂 Some of the other colors were just glitter in a super sheer base.

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