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Queen Helene, A Long Overdue Review

Do you guys like the double rhyme in the title? 😀  Anyways, I’m so sorry, I know I was supposed to review this stuff months ago (original post here).  And yes, I’ll also get around to reviewing the TimeBalm concealer soon.  I’ll put it in the same post as the KATE concealer, which I’m absolutely in love with right now.

I’m going to grab the picture from my old post because I didn’t bring the mask to Taiwan with me.

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As I said in my previous post, this cost me $4.50 for a huge tube (8 oz).  Queen Helene was kind enough to leave a comment for a $1 off coupon, here’s the link if anyone’s interested:

I was originally turned onto this by the lovely Rae.  After using it for (has it really been that long?  yeesh) 5 months, I have to say this stuff is good.  I usually leave it on my face for about 15 minutes, then wash it off in the shower.

*Warning: you will look like a scary green blob.  Do not sneak up on anyone (unless you like scaring people, then by all means go ahead).

When this dries, it causes a nice tightening sensation on my face, and I can literally see the oil being sucked out of my pores in some spots (no picture because I don’t think you want to see that).  It also washes off very easily, and smells like mint gum after it’s been chewed for a bit.  As scents go, you could do a lot worse.

Some people have said this really helps shrink pimples when you leave it on as a spot treatment overnight.  I didn’t find that to be the case, in face I think this will make your pimples even worse if you leave it on for that amount of time.  However, it does have excellent oil control, and makes my skin feel amazingly soft and smooth.  It also shrinks my pores, and has a nice refreshing feel.  I have oily/combo skin, so I don’t use this every day, but I find that when used once a week, it gives me gorgeous glowing skin.

For $4.50, this is definitely worth it.  I got mine at Walgreens, I’m not sure if CVS and Rite Aid carry it or not.

My rating: A+


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