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Bows Galore!

I’ve only recently started getting into chunkier, less delicate jewelry, but a part of me still goes crazy for anything with bows on it.  I noticed my aunt had really cute, girly necklaces, so I asked her to take me to her favorite shops.  She told me that she shops a lot at Ann’s, a store in Taipei which imports Korean clothes and accessories.  Click to see some really cute jewelry:

I got a gold bow ring for $12

And this bow necklace, also $12

Love love love.  What kind of jewelry catches your eye?

In other news, the work event is this week, so I’m moving into the hotel tomorrow, and I get off work Thursday at 9:30 (that would be p.m. unfortunately.  I’m scared to know what time I get off Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m guessing it’s going to be much later).  Maybe I’ll bring my laptop, or maybe I’ll just pre-write some posts and autopublish them.  Anyways, I’ll check in with you guys later!

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10 thoughts on “Bows Galore!

  1. OMG sooooo cute!!! I love both pieces, but especially the ring!!! I was actually just searching for Korean jewelry, and especially bows, a few days ago! I LOVE bows too! 😀

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