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Shopping, Sukiyaki, Sasa

Yesterday, I went shopping with one of the interns I met a couple of days ago.  We went to a department store (the equivalent of 3 or 4 of the malls near my house mashed together) and walked around for a bit.  Most of the stores were too expensive to even go into (Chanel, Hermes, etc.) and the same with the makeup counters (Jill Stuart, Cle de Peau) so we ended up window shopping.

Then we got hungry, and looked for a place to have dinner.  I was torn between Japanese food or hot pot.  But I’d just had salmon sashimi for lunch and that would have been a bit of overkill, no?  Plus I hadn’t had sukiyaki for the longest time.

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I took this picture at the very end of the meal lol.  I don’t even know how many platters of meat we went through (it was an all you can eat type dealio).

As we were walking around after dinner, I saw a Sasa tucked behind The Body Shop.  IMO, Sasa stocks much less tempting things than Watsons, so in I went.

I got the Koji Lash Curler #71.  They didn’t have 72 or 100, and 71 looked flatter than 73 so I thought I would give it a try.

I also got a heated lash curler.

Reviews coming as soon as I get a chance to use them.


10 thoughts on “Shopping, Sukiyaki, Sasa

    • yay, that’s good to know! I was really torn between 71 and 73 because I didn’t know which one would fit my eye shape better. Let’s hope it works for me too. hehe it was soo delicious.

  1. hi!!!it’s me!!!

    it’s true that you are really good at those fashion stuff!!!
    (i just bought that mascara!)

    you should have more sashimi and more sukiyaki before going back!


  2. Guuh, it’s the other way around over here – Sasa has nicer things than Watsons, but that is because Watsons has limited Japanese makeup/skincare.

    Nom nom nom, your dinner looks delish!

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