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Circle(ish) Lenses

A year ago, on a typically humid day in Taipei, I looked at my aunt and noticed her eyes.  There was something…different about them.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but they looked brighter and more defined than a normal eye does.  It must be magic, I decided, or I just haven’t had my coffee yet and I’m getting a little bit loopy.  But I wasn’t loopy.  Want to know what it was?  Click to read on

She was wearing Acuvue Johnson & Johnson Contacts in Natural Shine.

Even though these are technically circle lenses, they’re not exactly like your typical circle lens.  For one thing, these are daily contacts, whereas most circle lenses you buy online keep for a year.  I also like that they have UV protection.  Now, I don’t know how effective it actually is, but it’s still a nice touch.  They’re also very comfortable.  I wore these a full day today, and they felt no different from my normal lenses.

Top: no flash, Bottom: flash

I would describe Natural Shine as a ring of dark gray with a smaller ring of gold/light brown.

I think these would look more striking on someone with dark brown eyes, as the gold would really stand out (like it did on my aunt).  My eyes, however, are more of a light brown, so the gold blends in with my iris.  I think it gives the lens a nice transitional effect though.

The look is extremely subtle, from a normal viewing distance, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that I was wearing circle lenses.  I didn’t do a normal viewing distance picture because I don’t post full-face shots up here (the exception being the lemur in the sidebar.  That’s a self-portrait).  I did, however, include 2 distances below.

Left: creepily close/if you held a camera right up to my eye and took a picture in macro mode

Right: slightly less creepy, but still closer than I’d like you to get

Would I repurchase?  No, probably not.  They’re hellishly expensive, unless you happen to have the same prescription for both eyes.  I like the look, but if I wanted to switch out my regular contacts for these, it would cost roughly $480.

Update: Where did I even get $480 from?  They would actually cost about $720 for a year, obviously my math skills need some work.

*I believe that circle lenses are not legally sold in the US due to safety concerns.  Ask your optometrist first, and use at your own risk.

P.S. no, my dark circles have not miraculously disappeared.  I’m trying out a new concealer (will review in my concealer round-up later this week which features TimeBalm, KATE, and SkinFood).


6 thoughts on “Circle(ish) Lenses

    • blech I know. I’m not even sure if they make 2 week ones here, my relatives kept asking why I needed saline solution if I wore soft contacts, since they assumed I meant dailies.

  1. 呵呵


    • Johnson & Johnson 雙週的好像沒有放大片

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