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A Tale of Lipstick and Lost Love

Yesterday, when I was eating dinner at my grandma’s house, I spotted something on her dresser.  There it was, the lipstick I had gifted her two years ago.  Unopened.

Wait, what?   I gave this thing to her two years ago, and it was still sitting all sad and lonely in its plastic wrap.

“Grandma!” I shrieked (in Chinese), pointing frantically at the tube and waving my hands around.  She promised to open it…later.  Yeah, I heard that before.  Two years ago.  Just so she couldn’t renege on her promise again, I opened it for her.  Hey.  This was such a nice color.

Sort of a dark fuchsia (right side is more color accurate) with blue/purple sparkles (see left).  Just like I remembered, it smelled faintly of roses, which is why I had bought it for her in the first place.  The Body Shop Roseflower Lipstick in Deep Pink from their Moroccan Rose Collection.  She told me I could try it on.  Okay, I thought, what’s the worst that could happen?

As it turns out, pretty terrible things.  Click

The second  that lipstick touched my lips, I knew it was special.  The formula screamed “I’m the chosen one!  I am the best!”  Seriously, it easily beat out any other lipstick I’ve ever worn in my entire life (and let me tell you, that’s a lot of lippies).  It glided on so smoothly and perfectly, didn’t sink into my liplines, felt deliciously moisturizing, and balanced medium pigmentation with a slightly watery texture.  Oh. My. God.

Why so many lip swatches?  Let’s just say my XSi is still sitting in America, and my Cybershot isn’t really cutting it in terms of color accuracy.  The breakdown:

1. Swatch on back of hand.  Craptastic, I know.  Sorry.

2. Zoomed in lip swatch.  Shows the pretty blue-purple sparkles.

3. It ends up this color after a couple of hours (a fresh, dark pink-berry stain sans sparkles)

4. See how nice and moisturizing this looks?  Not color accurate.

5. This is how it looks for the first couple of hours.  A drop-dead gorgeous, easily wearable fuchsia with bluish purple sparkles.

Unfortunately, while it may have looked good on me, it also looked smashing on my grandma.

“Wow,” she said, trying it on, “This is a good color for me.”

Such is life.

Despite the $16 price tag, I would have rushed right out to buy myself a tube (this is coming from someone who rarely spends more than 5 bucks on her lipsticks) if it weren’t for the fact that The Body Shop doesn’t carry this anymore.  Just my luck, right?  I finally find my lipstick soulmate and POOF.  Goodbye.  I vented my feelings by swatching up a storm at Watsons.  Of course, none of their lipsticks even came close to the TBS one.

Scared and alone, I wandered the streets, hoping to find another love.  Then I had a thought.  A good one!  The Body Shop had Colourglide Lipsticks in their permanent line, didn’t they?  Could the formula be just as good?  I mean, granted I couldn’t find this exact color again, but the formula was what really got me hooked.

I plan on fully researching this question when I get back to the States.

Stay tuned!

~Makeup Morsels


26 thoughts on “A Tale of Lipstick and Lost Love

  1. 哈哈哈



    • 哈哈我就知道你會說“很有趣”這一句話
      我上一個post是關於circle lenses,就在台北買的,你應該試試看。帶起來還蠻舒服。
      你今天有看vampire diaries嗎?

  2. OMG, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. My mom got one of those Dior Serum de Rouge lipsticks for her birthday (which was April) and she just put it on her shelf. She hasn’t touched it/looked at it once. And it’s such a pretty coral color! I think I might just ask her if I can take it. 😀

    That lipstick looks really pretty and the formula sounds AH-MAZING! 🙂

    • oh man. ask her! lol hopefully she doesn’t decide (like you’ve known all along) that it is in fact a fantastic color and she would like to keep it. I asked her why she hadn’t opened it and she told me she didn’t want to open more than like…3 at a time. How do people have that kind of self control? I buy a lipstick and use it sometimes even before I get home!

  3. Hi! 😀 Thanks for visiting my little blog. This lippie looks really nice on you! I hope you find a comparable substitute when you get back to the U.S!

    Hehe…I must be out of it b/c I have no clue what “trick on palette” means. XP Anyways, enlighten me so I can answer your question properly. 😀

  4. 哈哈哈


  5. LOL. Dude I remember that lipstick!! I have the perfume from that release. And awwwwww lol. Your grandma is so cute. I’m sure you’ll find another lipstick as beautiful though. =)

  6. Aw, snap! Isn’t that typical. The colour does look deliciously gorgeous on you! 🙂 I have one of The Body Shop’s Colourglide lipsticks, it feels wonderfully creamy, but has a big slip so it needs to be reapplied often – which is why it’s almost empty 🙂

  7. OHH GOSH! Such is life. Sad but true! I hope you manage to find another lipstick which you love as much. But that colour really is totally gorgeous!

    And wow, your grandma is so fashionable! Neither my grandma nor my mother wear any makeup whatsoever, not even lipstick! Everyone thinks I’m crazy because I love makeup so much, and think I have some serious insecurities or something D= Sucky!!

    • I do too! I had no idea TBS lippies were this good, wish I had known sooner. My grandma and mom both got the typical tattooed on eyeliner. Looks so painful! But that means they really only wear lipstick as far as makeup goes, and therefore still don’t quite understand why I’m attracted to obsessed with makeup.

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