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OOTD: Boredom—>Dior

This is from the other day, when I was in utter bliss with a coat of TBS Deep Pink on my lips.  Spotted a bottle of Dior Poison EDT on my grandmother’s dresser.  Camera time…

Then I played around on Photoshop a bit, just for kicks.  Obviously I didn’t do anything super fancy, but heh heh, you know how I get with dramatic lighting.  I’m starting to realize my love for blazers this summer.  They just make all my outfits look so much more pulled together.  I threw this outfit on one morning when I was running out of ideas, and to my surprise it worked out.  The skirt blended into the top, so that the whole thing looked like a tiered dress.  Click to see the breakdown

click to enlarge

blazer: Macy’s

camisole: Tong Hua Jie (street market in Taiwan)

skirt: Abercrombie

tights and watch: Target

shoes: Aerosoles

dramatic lighting: just appeared out of nowhere.  Like magic!


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