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Tag: A Thank You to Summer

Well, I had a bunch of posts lined up, but couldn’t get the internet to work last night, so they’re all picture-less.  In the meantime, I wanted to ask all of you how your summers were.  This was probably one of the most fulfilling summers of my life, where it felt like the good things were all wrapped up nicely.

This summer, I am grateful for:

~The fact that my 5-summer streak of camp left me with a sense of peace and happiness

~Being able to room with my best friend, and realizing she’s the ultimate roommate.  Ever.

~The feeling of contentment you get from making new friends and keeping in touch with them

~The opportunity to intern in Taiwan

~The important lesson that sometimes, when a certain annoying high-tech printer isn’t working, a few well-placed kicks can get it running again

~My first paycheck!  So I worked as an unpaid intern this whole month-and-a-half, but they ended up paying me for my work at the event.  It’s more of a symbolic paycheck than anything else, since I made…let’s just say I would have made considerably more cash babysitting, but it was still pretty exciting for me.  I think I’m going to use the money to buy my mom the bag she’s had her eye on.

~Friends that help me improve my Chinese by commenting on my blog.  And take me to yummy Sukiyaki places

~The gorgeous makeup that exists in Taipei (although this is more of a mixed blessing than anything else)

~All my readers, and a double thank you to those who take the time to leave comments

Now I tag all of you!  What were you grateful for this summer, in short, what were the highlights?  You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but please let me know if you do.  I’d love to read your responses 😀

~Makeup Morsels


12 thoughts on “Tag: A Thank You to Summer

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful Summer! I have a pretty short answer but I’m grateful for being able to take weekend trips to get away. Sometimes you just need that. 😉

    Psst…I have a UV blocker umbrella too.

    • I agree, sometimes it’s nice to get away. That being said, I’m so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again once I get back to L.A. I’ve barely spent any time in my own room this whole summer. HAHAHA yayy. I carry it with me everywhere I go. I suppose I can’t do that anymore once I go back to school lol

  2. Aww, sounds like it’s been a really awesome summer for you! I think it’s so sweet you want to buy your mom a bag with your first paycheck. =) I’ve vowed to buy my mom a pretty Swarovski figurine for her desk with my first full time job paycheck haha. =)

    This summer, I’ve been really grateful for friends, and for the general state of where my life is right now. I’ve been waiting for this time for aaaages – (like srsly, I’ve wanted to be a grad student since I was in 8th grade haha, so almost a decade!) and I’m finally here!!! At my first choice institution in the department I wanted in the city I love. And, despite all my worrying, the move has gone really very smoothly (well, the actual move is tomorrow lol), and I have been really blessed with a great apartment-mate and really sweet landlords, so I have so much to be happy about haha. =)

    • I think I’m just in a better place right now than I have been in previous years. I tried to be content with my life this summer, and when those days hit that I just feel worthless, I kind of wait for them to pass instead of doing something stupid. Congrats! 🙂 I’m really happy for you, I hope this next stage of your life is truly amazing. Good luck with the move!

  3. 哦~! 你的夏天真的听上去过的很不错吗!我从来都没有拿过工资。。。D=

    今年我的夏天特别短!我感觉我都没玩够,也没和我的爸妈花够时间! 但是,我还是在上海玩得满开心的!

    Okay, I’m tired now. I haven’t written chinese for AGES.

    But it’s great that you got a chance to intern too! And you definitely are lucky to be surrounded by all those great taiwanese (and japanese) cosmetics that are available there! =)

    • 哈哈,我沒學過簡體字啊!But I think I get the gist lol 😀 I’m glad you had fun in Shanghai!! LOL I know, I realized that my Chinese has gotten kinda rusty (major understatement). hehe it’s so bad for my self-control, not that I had much to begin with.

  4. Yesterday I was on the couch in my family room with my dog and my dad just lying there with the night breeze coming in from the window and I just felt like… the one thing I need is more summer vacation.


    It’s moments like that though when I can totally relax without any fear or angst or worry or stress, not even having to clear my mind because it’s already blissfully empty = happiness

    On a more infuriating note
    The only class that could have been changed for me to be able to take drawing and painting is chem. SERIOUSLY!? WHAT THE FUDSKDJLFL;AKDJFDS!? The ONLY class I really cared about keeping the same had to be changed. fml. really looking forward to school now..

    • I feel like I could live in summer forever right now. Except I really want to see you.

      That is a perfect description. My mind has never been so wonderfully empty and stress-free. Even when I was up until 1:45 at work not knowing what to do, it was so much better than being stressed out because of school.
      That sucks. But I’m also glad you in that chem class b/c I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have at least one class w/ you.

  5. 你拿到薪水了!!!!!!




    • 我拿到薪水的時候真的好興奮哦!!!

      啊! 我真討厭西班牙文哈哈哈

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