Majolica Majorca Application Tutorial

I lost my ring guys!  Yup, the one in my wordpress/blogger/twitter icon *sobs*  I lost it on one of the #235 buses, so not much of a chance that I’ll ever see it again.  That was probably my favorite ring, but what can I do?  Buh-bye ring, we had a good run.

This is for my friend Annie, who wanted a tutorial for Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus.  I admit, it does take some practice, but the results are completely worth it.  Click here to see my original review.

About the video…I attempted to zoom in on my eye so you wouldn’t be able to see my full face.  I was also trying to see the mirror, which is why this whole thing looks a bit awkward lol.  Now you know why I usually stick to pictures.

*Additional tip for applying mascara in general: tilting your head up while looking down helps keep mascara off your eyelids.  ehem, that’s my explanation for the weird angle of my face in the video.


18 thoughts on “Majolica Majorca Application Tutorial

  1. 蛤…..


    • 這一次真的不是掉進包包!

      哈哈希望影片對你有一點幫助 xD

  2. this was an awesome tutorial! i had a lot of trouble using the majolica majorca mascara before I found out how it’s supposed to be used hahaha. your lashes look really nice with it on! 🙂 Thanks so much for the video!!

  3. Haha that was a very helpful, straight-to-the-point tutorial. LOVED the background music. 🙂

    And regarding the ring…at least you have pictures to commemorate it! I’m staring at it (your icon) as I type! 😉

    • thank you 😀 yeah, it was one of those things where I knew it was lost for sure and there was no way I could get it back. like Maggie said, at least I still have the picture!

  4. Genius! 😀 Truth be told, I tried this mascara before and it did not work for me. Now I see I was doing it wrong! Love the cute circus-y music you had in the background. 😉 I’m sorry to hear about your ring. Hopefully you’ll be able to find one there just as cute! I’ve yet to visit Taipei but I hear the shopping is pretty awesome?

    P.S Thank u 😀 L.A misses you! I still do love PC’s…hehe. And I think I’d buy the biggest one out there just like you if I could. *^_^*

    • I’m glad this is helpful! I’d recommend you try it again, I’ve never found a more lengthening mascara. haha thanks! grabbed it from Youtube’s free copyright music library. I did find another one actually xD Not quite the same, but it’s a bow and it’s a ring so that’s good enough for me. omg I hope you get to visit one day. Taipei is the ultimate when it comes to cheap yummy food and shopping. I can’t wait to go back! Even though I definitely will miss it here, I’ll be back next year like I am every summer 🙂 hehe the substantial-ness of it really appeals to me.

  5. Thanks for the tut! I literally ordered this mascara over the weekend!!! It’s going to take ages to come though… T___T I didn’t realise the economy postage can take up to 3 weeks!!!!

  6. I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing (part of) your face. Like I zoomed back to the beginning to make sure that you actually made this. -SOB-! I miss youu. This looks like the most awesome mascaraaa *drool*

    I really don’t know what I’m gonna start using now.. my other mascaras are like drying up on me..

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