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Makeup Morsel’s Traveling Tips

Sorry for the shorter posts lately, but I’m finally going back to L.A. today!  I’m planning to do a lot of things once I touch down (gotta make those two days before school starts count), and I thought I would share some of my airplane advice with all of you.

1. Get lots of sleep.  especially if you are going on a 12 hour flight.  In my experience, this helps so much with reducing jetlag.  I get lots of sleep on the plane, stay up until about 10 pm when I land, and the jetlag is usually gone by the second day.  That being said, jetlag affects everybody to a different degree, so this won’t necessarily work for you.  And that picture above?  My eyes are super sensitive to light, so I completely light-proofed my eye mask lol.  Yes, I will probably look crazy, but at least I’ll be able to get some zzzz’s!

*the lovely Yumeko gave me the idea for the foil mask

2. Stay hydrated.  And when I say hydrated, I don’t just mean drinking lots of water.  It’s also important to make sure your skin is hydrated.  Being on a plane for 12 hours does bad things to my skin, so I usually slather on a heavier moisturizer and some eye cream before I board my flight.  It also doesn’t hurt to keep a lip balm in your carry-on.  And about the water, I bring a couple of empty bottles with me, and fill them once I get past the gate.

3. Wisp away!  Because they make life easier.

4. Dress comfortably.  I stick to layered outfits.

5. Bring a snack.  While I love Malaysia Airlines for their ultra-smooth takeoffs and landings, their economy class meals are difficult to choke down.  I like to stuff some Pocky into my purse and munch away (often finishing them before I even get on the plane).

I’ll check back in with you once I land!

~Makeup Morsels


18 thoughts on “Makeup Morsel’s Traveling Tips

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  3. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I’VE BEEN ANTICIPATING YOUR RETURN. I think about it all the time and talk about you and stuff. And I even drove past your house twice. Is that creepy? 🙂

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