Snip Snip!

It’s only the second day of school, and I already feel like crawling into a hole and dying.  I went ahead and dropped some activities today (drop it drop it low girlll!  that was for you, mytigerlily).

I’m just going to start off by saying that the henna did nothing for my hair whatsoever.  I probably should have left it in longer or something…whatever, I like my natural hair color.

But I would like to show you my haircut!  I got this while I was in Taiwan (so about a week ago).  The salon was so nice, and the cut cost around 10 bucks.  This is why I love vacationing in Taipei.

Return of the hearts!

The before pictures were right when I rolled out of bed, so my hair looks messy.  I took the after pics in a mirror, which is why they’re flipped around.

So, as you can see, my stylist thinned my hair a LOT, gave me some layers, and redid my side-bangs (which I normally cut myself).  I really like it, my head feels lighter but I still have relatively lengthy locks.

~Makeup Morsels


20 thoughts on “Snip Snip!

    • thank youu. haha yeah! well straight-cut bangs are definitely trickier, so I always do side-bangs. Basically, I hold the hair section by section at about a 90 degree angle from my face. The key part is that you cut upwards with the scissors, not across. If you watch them style your bangs at hair salons, they always cut upwards, I think it just makes it look more textured and natural. hope that helps xD

  1. 新髮型很棒!!!


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