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NOTD: Party Nails

Crazy colorful goodness!  Before I show you the pictures, I’m calling all you nail experts out there.  I’m running super low on the Bourjois basecoat I love oh-s0-much (reviewed here), and I don’t think they make it anymore.  Any recs for a good quality basecoat?  Preferably something on the cheap that I could pick up at CVS.  Thanks!

I’ve used both Hidden Treasure and Flair before, but I never layered them.  And they definitely POP when layered.  I found the Flair formula easier to work with this time around.  However, do not attempt to use this (particular line of polishes) if you don’t have Seche.  It’s a lost cause.

So for those of you who haven’t heard of Hidden Treasure (and I’m sure you all have), it’s an insanely duochrome (triochrome??) irregularly flaked glitter polish.  The glitter flashes all orange from a straight-on angle, all green from an extreme-angle, all yellow from almost-level angles, and orange-green-gold from everything else.  (Wait what?  Repeat that?  I’ll just show you the pretty pictures…)  *hint: the pictures are this way

Here you can see the straight-on orange.  I had pictures of the straight on green and yellow too, but I didn’t want to overload you.

I don’t know if this makes things easier for any of you, but if you can’t find Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Nubar 2010 is an exact dupe.  And it’s around the same price which btw, I still find ridiculous.

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “NOTD: Party Nails

  1. I use Sally Hansen Thicken-Up! which is actually a nail thickener but can be used under polish. And I actually haven’t heard of Hidden Treasure until now. *lives under a rock* 😛 That is one awesome color!!

    • thanks for the rec! I also want to check out their Quick-Drying Drops. I love my Seche, but sometimes I want to put a matte topcoat on top that doesn’t dry as quickly sooo…
      omg really? you need to look for it! *enables you* it’s seriously gorgeous. try to look for a BOGOF though, I cannot believe Sally Hansen charges so much for their polishes, it’s ridiculous when you think about the fact that you can buy brands like China Glaze/OPI/Zoya for less

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