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Kat von D Ludwig Palette Review + Swatches

This post is about… exactly what the title says!  Plus some pretty pictures.

I’m thinking about doing an EOTD with this soon (possibly this weekend), things have just been slightly hectic lately.  Click to see swatches and review

I grabbed the palette picture from my previous haul post.  As you can see, the design is nice and simple.  Also, this is a palette which knows how to utilize its space very efficiently *cough UD Deluxe cough!*

It comes with two double-ended brush applicators.  A lot of people complain about these, saying they’re essentially useless.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  No, they don’t make good eyeshadow brushes, but I found that they work fairly well as lip brushes or spot-concealer brushes.  Also, this palette has a lovely, big mirror (see first picture).  I always like my palettes to come with mirrors, it just makes sense, right?


from left to right: Lucifer, Orbi, Dimebag, Tequila, Clay (barely visible, but I promise you, it’s there), Downtown, Baroque, Leather.

I know that Clay looks like the wimpiest of all shadows here, but it’s really not.  It’s a lovely shimmery/ever so slightly glittery beige that just happens to be a little more powdery than the rest of the set.

More swatches:

Basically, I love this palette.  I mean, I already loved every single color in it the first time I set my makeup-lovin’ eyes on this a year ago, and I feel like any praise I could possibly give it has already been said before.  It’s a lovely set of the prettiest neutrals ever (do not underestimate your neutrals!  they will take you far in life).  The shadows are wonderfully smooth and pigmented with no fallout, and each one is a breeze to blend.  Like I said before, I bought this at the $10 off sale (which is still going on both in store and online right now, but only on older KvD palettes).  $24 for the palette works out to exactly $3/shadow, and these shadows are very generously sized at 0.05 oz each.  Is it worth it?  I think so!

My rating: A+


15 thoughts on “Kat von D Ludwig Palette Review + Swatches

    • 哈哈,我超喜歡綠色的眼影

    • hi Trisha! thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 hmm I actually think the price is quite reasonable with the $10 off sale. the shadows are pretty big, each of them is slightly smaller than a MAC eyeshadow I believe. I guess if you only like a few colors, it’s probably not worth it, but if you like the entire set I think this is a very good buy.

  1. 你真的很忙碌耶!有好多課要上喔!


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