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Senna Double Dose, Double Your Fun?

from left to right: Moondance, Dreamglow, Double Dipped, Chocolate Cherry

I heard lots of good things about the Senna Lip Lacquers, so I was very excited to try these out.

First off, packaging.  It’s not superluxe by any means, but it’s definitely cute.  The opening reminds me of my HG lip gloss.  Basically, it’s a little tighter so that when you take the wand out, you don’t get a big goopy mess.  The applicator is your typical doe-foot dealio.

Want to find out if this lives up to the hype?  Click to read on:

top: Moondance, bottom: Dreamglow

top: Double Dipped, bottom: Chocolate Cherry

As you can see, Moondance and Dreamglow offer moderate pigmentation, while Double Dipped and Chocolate Cherry are less sheer.  When you apply these, they ‘melt’ right in.  I don’t mean that they disappear, but they sort of sink into your natural lipcolor, so you get a very smooth look.

Now, usually when I hear the ‘and you can layer the two glosses and get even more colors!’ tagline, I ignore it entirely.  With these though, I feel like they were made for layering.  Each pair of colors is nicely coordinated (and you’ll see what I mean when I show you lip swatches).  All of the glosses in this line have a vanilla scent reminiscent of MAC, except for Chocolate Cherry, which smells of fudgy gooodness.  None of the scents smell bad, but they’re strong (a little less so than MAC glosses).

Here’s Moondance on my lips.  I layered the lighter shade on the center of my pout.  See what I mean when I say these are practically meant for layering?

Staying powder on these is excellent, I’d give it a good 4 hours at least.  This comes with one caveat, though, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed.  Yes, they are sticky, but not tacky.  They’re very thick and cushy and comfortable, but if the wind’s blowing, you probably don’t want to be wearing this (although that’s a general rule for all lipgloss).

These retail for $22 each, which is a definitely splurge on a lip product.  It breaks down to $11 per gloss, but only if you happen to love both colors.  If that’s the case, these aren’t too bad, but if only one color catches your eye, these might not be for you.

My rating: B+/A-

Full Disclosure: The products in this post were provided by PR for review purposes.  For more information, please see my Disclaimer.


10 thoughts on “Senna Double Dose, Double Your Fun?

  1. 哇!你一次買了這麼多支唇蜜???

    我完全同意~!!!因為風吹的時候我的頭髮都會被唇蜜黏住很麻煩= =


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