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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 7/20/10

I was almost too tired to post, but this blog must have its Miscellaneous Monday Morsels!  It must!

If I sound a bit loopy, it’s because I didn’t get my caffeine today.

Stickers!  I love stickers, I used to collect them when I was little.  I saw this sheet in a Japanese store while I was in Taipei (didn’t end up buying it because it was too expensive).  I believe it’s called the “Parody Drug Sticker Sheet” lol…something like that.

Click to enlarge:

My beloved Lycee eyedrops!  Now in sticker form!

Random shot of a panda cheesecake that I found very cute.

How’s your Monday going?  I hope you’re all getting off to a good start this week.  I can’t say this is the best Monday I’ve had, but I’m about to go remedy that with a spoon and some Nutella.

~Makeup Morsels


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 7/20/10

  1. I used to collect stickers too! Now whenever I pass by some stand or display that has cute stickers (ahem, Borders) I *have* to look at them. I think I would squeal with delight in that store you went to. I’m very much attracted to cute things.

    The Panda cheesecake is wicked cute!

    ^sorry if my comment sounds loopy too, haha. 🙂

    • hahaha I’ve got an entire box full of them! I guess as I got older, stickers turned into makeup hahah. and one box turned into six drawers…ehem. wait what?? Borders has stickers? noo way, I’ve been going there since I was 5, and I’ve never noticed their stickers. Must go back soon!
      hehe loopy is good!

  2. 我小時候收集的貼紙到現在都還在耶~


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