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NOTD: Purply Taupe

Everyone’s been raving so much about Rimmel Steel Gray lately that I had to try it out for myself.  So I headed to CVS, and scooped up a bottle, thinking well $3.99, that’s not too bad for a polish. Except on my way out, I passed a Confetti stand.  I’ve seen this brand popping up at a lot of drugstores recently, but I never payed much attention.  Except this time, a color very similar to Steel Gray caught my eye.

Behold, Moonstruck.  At $1.99, it’s an even better deal.  No, it’s not an exact dupe.  I held the colors next to each other, and Moonstruck looks a smidge darker with a tinge more purple.  In some lights it shows up as more gray, while in others the purple is fairly obvious.


This general color has been done so much over the past year, and I can see why.  It’s neutral, but still very interesting.

The formula was runny, but not goopy or uncontrollable.  Smell was stronger than usual, just try not to breathe too much when you open this lol. This was 2 (very thick) coats.

What are you wearing on your nails today?

~Makeup Morsels

16 thoughts on “NOTD: Purply Taupe

  1. That looks lovely. And kudos for finding something cheaper.

    I’m wearing Sinful Colors in “This is It”, a shimmery gold. I’ve had it on for a week and it still hasn’t chipped, which is pretty remarkable.

    • thank you on both counts 🙂

      I was surprised by the quality of Sinful polishes considering the price, they have really gorgeous colors. I just wish they didn’t smell quite so strong, they’re the only polishes that give me a headache.

  2. It looks lovely! Love this mix of purple and taupe 🙂 Today I’m wearing OPI’s My Chiuaua bites – but it’s chipped after depotting and cleaning today, so I’d better remove it tonight 😉

    • hahaha love the name! I love this color so much, do you have anything like it? haha it always bugs me when my polish starts chipping! I usually remove it right after I see the first couple of chips.

  3. 你的指甲油顏色真的比我的豐富很多耶!!!



  4. yay glad you found another np that’s a close dupe to steel gray! i love taupy colors on other people but somehow i can’t get used to how it looks on my nails 😦

  5. Great quality at good price! Nothing unfortunately on my nails today….was wearing Chanel Paradoxal (similar color to you) and then Chanel Khaki Vert….but bare nails now 😀

    Victoria Stanell

    Associate Product Editor

  6. Hey babe! Great to hear you got a chance to hit up Papparich! 😀 Aren’t they like the lightest buns?!

    I’m doing well, thanks! Been lazy and away from Blogger. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. 😉

    Moonstruck looks hot on you!! And you def can’t go wrong with that price. I have to confess that I have bare nails atm…hee hee. I need a serious mani! XP

    • Hello my dear! Good to hear from you again 🙂 They were freaking delicious, I want to go back already! aw looking forward to reading your posts again. hahah yeah, the only polish I own that was cheaper than this was Sinful Big Daddy for 50 cents. Paint your nails girl!

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