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NOTD: The Ruffian

Although there have been times when I was a much bigger procrastinator, I still feel like I could be more on top of things right now.  I was very motivated last week, but (does this happen to anyone else?) after a couple weeks of staying one step ahead, I lose a lot of my steam.

Anyways, today I present you with the infamous Ruffian manicure!  The reverse French Tip!  Don’t laugh, this was my first try.  Clearly, I need more practice.  If you try this on your own, don’t use guides.  It’s easier to do it freehand, which is what I did.  I think with a couple more tries, this will get a lot easier.

Zoya Pinta over China Glaze Tinsel

Have a good night!  I’ll still be up studying for awhile.

~Makeup Morsels

10 thoughts on “NOTD: The Ruffian

  1. I like this look! 😀 You think you did a nice job for being your first time. I love the look of the blingy base against Pinta. As for losing steam, you’re only human. Not sure if you’re big on lists, but I’ve found that writing stuff down helps me to focus. 😉

    • Thanks! Me too, I’m totally in love with Tinsel, I actually put a matte topcoat over that, I’ll post that NOTD sometime later this week. Yes, I have a planner and a desk calendar which completely save my life. My short term memory is the worst thing ever, so I write things down a lot too.

  2. 兩個顏色的界線畫得好整齊喔~!!!

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