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Unusual (But Pretty!) Lip Looks: Gold

I’m a sucker for cool lipstick colors, and one of my latest obsessions is gold.  I know it sounds like the last thing you’d want to wear in broad daylight, but the look you get (when layered over your natural lipcolor) is like lipgloss without the stickiness.

My lipstick of choice here is Rimmel’s Frosted.  It’s from their old line that they’ve slowly been phasing out, and I’ve had trouble finding this particular color anywhere lately.  There’s plenty of other places you can find a gold lipstick though, I would probably start with MAC.  I know that Make Up For Ever also has a lipstick similar to this one, and there are also certain drugstore brands that carry unique lippie colors (try Milani).

Now, for this particular method of applying lipstick, I would recommend gold over silver.  While silver lipsticks might look nice patted onto the center of your lip, chances are that they won’t look very natural applied over your entire lip.  I actually think that’s a cool look, but it’s not for everyday.  So, click to see some swatches:

This first lip swatch shows the nice luster, but the color got washed out by the flash.

Lip swatch #2, look how lovely that gold looks.  And surprisingly wearable too, right?

Hand swatches.  Left, color accurate.  Right, blurred to show sparkle.

I wonder how this would look under MAC Spring Bean…mmmm, I’ll have to try that soon.

So what do you think?  Would you ever wear gold lipstick?

~Makeup Morsels


12 thoughts on “Unusual (But Pretty!) Lip Looks: Gold

  1. 你的blog最上面的那個圖(就是網誌標題的那個圖)


    • thanks! I suppose if you don’t want to go the gold lipstick route, you could do an even more wearable look with gold lipgloss (like Stila Kitten). They make gorgeous nudes. why thank you! I’m liking it too

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