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NOTD: In The Nude

So this is not the superawesome manicure I was telling you about in my highlights post,  but it was actually the base I used for said manicure.

I love bright, colorful polishes, but sometimes I’ve just got to go nude.

This is SkinFood BR608, which I got for $1.50.  The formula is runny, but still easy to work with.  I also like that this is a (relatively) opaque nude.  Sheer, streaky nudes make me angry.

I just realized that the only color of nail polish I’ve never worn is black.  I also haven’t worn a pink polish in 4-5 years.

How’s your weekend going?

~Makeup Morsels


11 thoughts on “NOTD: In The Nude

  1. 你換了一個”清淡”的口味了


  2. I love a good black, you should test out one with a sparkle to it! Opi for Sephora has 2 with shimmer and foils inside, that way it’s not so boring.

    I like the nude that you’ve shown in the photos, like an apricot color

  3. Sorry I haven’t been commenting 😦 I’ve been away from the makeup part of my computer..
    Really cute nails tho! I have no idea what to do with my nails. I’m in another lost period..

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