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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 10/4/10

Happy Monday!

Wow, just yesterday I was wearing shorts, but by the end of today it was freezing!  The weather’s been so strange lately, I remember it being warm when I woke up this morning (even though it had just rained).  Now, it seems like winter outside, and I’ve heard reports of snow up in Big Bear.

Weather like this makes me crave:

~Korean tofu soup (I like Yong Dong)

~Ajisen ramen (Premium Pork Ramen)

~President Thai (Chicken Basil Tofu or Green Curry Sole Fillet)


Speaking of pie, Marie Callender’s is having a sale on pies right now.  They’re $6.99 each, and if you have old pie tins (they have to be from Marie Callender’s, of course) I think each tin is an additional 50 cents off the price or something like that.  I picked up piping hot pecan and blueberry pies today (that’s two separate pies, but a pecan and blueberry pie does sound yummy too).

~Makeup Morsels

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