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NOTD: Matte Sparkles

I’m sorry for the overflow of NOTD’s lately, but they’re the easiest to do when I’m short on time.

I dug out China Glaze Tinsel (from their 2009 Holiday Collection) the other day.  It’s really a gorgeous color, but right when I was about to put super-shiny-Seche on top, I hesitated.

Shouldn’t I test out my matte topcoat?

Results below:

Doesn’t that look cool?  It’s frosted…but sparkly at the same time.  Aaah, I love it.  Of course, the downside with this is that matte topcoats don’t boast the same drying time as Seche (at least not the one I used, which was called Neuvre?  or Neure?  I’m not quite sure).  I could’ve put the matte topcoat on top of Seche, but I don’t really like having that much stuff on my nails.

Here’s how the polish looks with Seche, courtesy of Scrangie.  Her nails are so perfect.  How does she do it?  How…?

I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!  I had a driving lesson yesterday, and the instructor told me to slow down as I was going over a bump.  So I slowed down.

A little too much.

And couldn’t get over the bump.

And then the instructor started laughing at me.

~Makeup Morsels


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