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Epic Earrings

As far as jewelry goes, I’m all for necklaces, or I was until I discovered the joy of clip-on/screw-back earrings.

Clip-ons alone are not very comfortable, and screw-backs all by themselves tend to slip, but put them together and TADA!  magic.

Remember these earrings from my previous post?  Nope, I don’t have pierced ears.  They look pretty convincing though, don’t they?

Click to read the epic of the earrings…ok it’s not an epic.  But click to see my mini collection!

So there is a certain street in Taipei.  On this street, every night at a certain time, if and only if the skies are clear, the jewelry lady emerges.  I love this woman.  She sells earrings for $5 a pair, and even cheaper if you’ve been going to her for a long time (like my aunt has).  In addition, she can convert the majority of her earrings into clip-on/screw backs (these were all hook backings, and I had her convert them).  She also sells necklaces, bracelets, and rings which look much more expensive than they actually are.

These are my larger/dangly earrings.  They’re actually all very light.  If you’re detecting a certain inspired by name brands (that’s my euphemism) vibe, that’s because they are.

These are my more delicate earrings.  The butterflies are the heaviest out of all 8 pairs, just because they’re made out of a heavier metal.  They’re actually smaller than most of my dangly earrings.

Which pair is your favorite?

~Makeup Morsels


14 thoughts on “Epic Earrings

    • hehe I knew you would say that! I love that pair too, they actually reminded me a lot of your ekilove Kawaii Bow Earrings (well obviously the bows look very different, but the bow+shiny thing idea is the same!)

  1. Love the gold one! The one that looks kind of like an atom model. 😀

    I don’t have my ears pierced either. Well, I did but they closed up on me and I’m too lazy to re-pierce them, lol.

  2. 我好想知道是哪一條街在賣喔!!!


    • 哈哈,我可以跟你講

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