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The Volumizing Mascara Search Continues…

If you’ve been reading this blog…ever, you probably know that I hardly ever do mascara reviews.  Why?  Mostly because I’ve run through so many bad ones that I’d rather only review the ones I love.

I actually planned to buy this  a year ago, but it kind of slipped my mind.  I’m really on top of things like that.  Plus, I discovered Max Factor 2000 Calorie, so I figured I was set for life where volumizing mascara was concerned.

Then they went ahead and pulled the entire Max Factor line from the US.

Life can be frustrating sometimes.

Anyways, onto the review!

As you can probably tell from the first picture, the packaging is…loud.  I’m not huge fan, but it was 6 bucks so I’m not complaining.

*Question: why are drugstore mascaras becoming so pricey lately?  It’s hard to find one under $10 anymore.  True, $10 is not bad compared to high-end stuff, but I still prefer ones around the $6 range, since mascara is something I have to toss frequently.

I put the brush next to a CG Lash Blast brush.  Prestige’s brush is bigger, in fact it’s a little bit scarily large.  Why does this matter?  Because the bigger the brush, the more careful you have to be with application (at least in my experience).

left: lashes curled with Koji 73 lash curler, right: one coat of Prestige My Biggest Lashes

One unfortunate thing about this mascara is that it doesn’t hold a curl very well.  I’m going to wait for it to “mature” though, because I remember 2000 Calorie being very wet/heavy in the beginning, and then getting much better as it dried out.  I’m hoping the same will happen here, as it does an excellent job at volumizing sans clumps.  It does smudge a little bit on me, but not as badly as some other mascaras I’ve tried.  For now, I’ve got my fingers crossed that these problems will go away as the formula ages.  This could just be my next 2000 Calorie…

I’ll keep you posted xD

My rating: pending

~Makeup Morsels


14 thoughts on “The Volumizing Mascara Search Continues…

  1. Hmm, it does seem promising indeed. Hope it matures well! I’ve kind of given up with American drugstore mascaras since none of them hold a curl or are smudgeproof on me (yea, even waterproof ones T_T;). And I totally agree!! The prices are getting kinda crazy. Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl is only $13 from AdamBeauty shipped and it works sooo much better and I remember wanting to buy a concealer at the drugstore and the prices were so ridiculous I actually went to MAC, because for $2-3 more I could actually get color-matched. o_O;

    • ohh yeah I forgot about concealer! I used to use the Maybelline Double Age Rewind concealer, which was not bad. And then I realized it was something like 11 bucks with a ridiculously small amount of product, plus I had to go buy it twice b/c the first time I got the wrong shade and lost the receipt. So far Majo Majo (hehe) is the only one that doesn’t smudge on me. With my American mascaras, I usually have to layer them over Lancome Cils Booster XL to reduce the smudging (it actually does help a lot), but it also weighs down my curl a little bit. urghh I’m considering getting some Volume & Curl when I go back to Taiwan next summer if this one doesn’t work out.

  2. I like how the mascara looks on you and sounds pretty good. I hope it’ll get better as it ages too. And I agree, drugstore prices are getting too high. Here in Italy brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline are almost in the same price range as MAC and Clinique. That’s insane!

    • urghh I don’t know why they’re doing this, the whole point of drugstore makeup is that it should be more affordable, or people would just go for the high-end stuff. You guys have Max Factor, right? so lucky if you do!

  3. Hiii! Long time no see!!! xD

    Yeah, mascaras really are a pain in the butt IMO. So many of them are totally mediocre, but we get tricked into buying them by their ad campaigns! UGHHH!!!

    Oh yes, I heard about maxfactor pulling out of the US. We still have it here in the UK. If you’re really desperate for 2000 calorie just give me a shout =)

    But yes, hopefully the Prestige mascara works out for you!!!!! Actually I’ve been wearing the MJ Lash Expander Plus!!! I love how much it lengthens my lashes. It actually is quite voluminous too if I wear it with MJ Curl Curl Curl, towards the sky base underneath! ^^ Just sometimes it gets a little clumpy so I brush it out with a mascara comb!

    Another mascara that I find does a nice job of fattening up my lashes is Lancome L’extreme. It holds curl, lengthens and fattens them up! Don’t know if you’ve tried that?

    • heyy Jian!!

      thank you! that’s really sweet of you, have you ever tried it before?

      love love love MJ Lash Expander Frame Plus, but it doesn’t really give me volume. I haven’t seen that other mascara, will have to check it out next year when I go to Taiwan. ooh I love Lancome mascaras, they never irritate my eyes and don’t smudge much on me either. They’re unfortunately expensive though 😦

  4. Yeah I tried it when I was 17! I liked the way it thickened my lashes but it wasn’t lengthening enough for me! And it made my eyelashes droop flat! That’s one of my biggest requirements – most hold curl! Esp since I mostly wear glasses I have to find mascaras that lengthen and hold curl – otherwise it just brushes against my lenses! Also can’t cope with non waterproof ones cuz my eyes water constantly! NG!

    Also I just remembered – I don’t know how much MF was for you but when I was 17 2000 cal was about £12 = $18?? Kind of thing. Pricey for drugstore!! Although it’s considerably better than say lancome Dior or Chanel who charge £20 $35? plus!!

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