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NOTD: Gorgeous Green

I’m full of happy feelings from looking at cute bags and shoes online.  It’s amazing how much good some online window shopping can do for you.

Today’s manicure (more like a manicure from 2 weeks ago that is getting posted today)

Zoya Envy is definitely a polish that needs a little bit of cuticle cleanup (which I neglected to do) in order to unleash its full potential.  My friend thinks it looks disgusting because it reminds her of wheatgrass shots.  I think it’s a sexy color, my pictures fail to capture the glossiness (plus my Seche is starting to get gloppy).  Or maybe it’s just the fact that I saw it on Scrangie’s nails that makes me think of it as sexy.  She can make anything look good.

~Makeup Morsels


14 thoughts on “NOTD: Gorgeous Green

    • ooh you bought it too? I love the color. you and Scrangie are my inspirations for growing my nails out right now. It takes so much patience! ooh yeah, I wore it with some silver glitter over the top last year, I loved how it turned out. do a konadicure soon if you have time!

  1. 你又換指甲油顏色了!!!


  2. Aww your little pearl ring is cute! Zoya Envy looks sooo good, I wish I had a deep blackened green…most of my dark colors are either red or blue lol.

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