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OOTD: Belted

I wish I could dress like this all the time.  There’s no reason I can’t, except for the fact that I feel really out of place going to school in anything except jeans and a t-shirt.  So I save it for the weekends.

blazer: Macy’s

t-shirt: Aeropostale

belt: from the depths of my mom’s closet

skirt: Abercrombie

tights: Target

shoes: Aerosoles

It’s finally Saturday!  I made it through the week alive 😀

~Makeup Morsels


8 thoughts on “OOTD: Belted

  1. 你很適合這種穿著耶~


    • thanks Cat! how’s your week going? I hope you’re feeling better xD

      hehe yeah, some days I get out of bed and dress like this, and then end up swapping out some pieces to tone it down. Sadly I can’t get over the weird feeling from that stops me from wearing heels and blazers to school.

    • I lovee this blazer, I need to iron it soon lol. I like wearing skirts/dresses more than jeans, but since I don’t wear them during the weekdays, I’ll try to pair them w/ whatever I can find on the weekends.

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