Weekend Haul

Ever since I saw mood polishes on Lulu’s blog, I could not get them out of my head.

So today, when I finally had some time to hit the mall, I braved Claire’s.

The colors were so pretty, I couldn’t leave with just one bottle…

And besides, they have this perpetual buy one get one 50% off thing on polishes, so it was practically an invitation to buy these.  If you think about it.

The one on the end (Mermaid) isn’t a mood polish, but it’s got some insane pink duochrome.  I lovee duochrome.  I’m actually wearing it on my nails right now, and it’s gorgeous.  Which is a good thing, because the formula is so sheer and runny (and thus takes forever to dry) that if it weren’t for Seche Vite, I’d throw this thing right out the window.

Speaking of which, my old bottle of Seche Vite has turned completely goopy and unworkable (I opened a new bottle today, and was amazed at the difference).  What do you guys think about thinning drops?  Is it worth it for me to go out and spend the money, or should I just keep replacing my Seche every time I hit the halfway mark on a bottle?

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

~Makeup Morsels


3 thoughts on “Weekend Haul

  1. Yay polish haul! & duuuude, DO get the thinning drops – they realllly work!! I have the Poshe ones, and it works on SV just fine. It takes 20+ drops sometimes, but go slowly and keep adding and it’ll pay off. From what I understand, Poshe works pretty well with most everything and since it’s 3Free, you don’t have to worry about making your 3free polishes not 3free anymore (like Seche Restore would, though I think for some tough cases the toluene helps maybe). But Poshe thins SV just fine without the toluene. I’ve also saved a couple of my pa glitters that were practically SOLID with Poshe and I’m about to try it with $OPI Only Gold For Me (well… when I use that one next haha) so it’s not as goopy and easier to layer. In other words, SO WORTH IT!

    • ooh ok I was afraid to get the thinning drops b/c of toluene, but I’ll definitely check the Poshe drops out. I wonder if I can get those at CVS, I’d probably have to go to Ulta, I think CVS only carries Poshe topcoat.

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