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Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 10/18/10

No one minds if I throw an OOTD into MMM right?

Another outfit I will never wear to school.

I’m patient when I buy clothes or shoes, since I know I’ll be able to get the best deals at the end of the season.  I bought the coat at the beginning of summer, and waited until now to release it from my closet.  I’d say it was a steal for $13.

top: Forever 21

coat: Forever 21

shorts that you can’t see but I promise you I’m wearing them: Target

tights and watch: Target

shoes: Aerosoles

Happy Monday!  I had all these goals to get ahead on studying this weekend, but it didn’t exactly work out.  I know everyone’s been churning their Halloween tutorials out, mine is coming ASAP (meaning as soon as I find time to sit down and photograph it).  Out of curiosity, who’s dressing up this year?

~Makeup Morsels


12 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 10/18/10

    • hahah thanks Trisha! It’s surprisingly warm even though it’s not made of wool. I wish I was brave enough to dress how I normally dress at school (although I suppose if I only do it on the weekends, it’s not normal, it’s just what I like to wear).

      How’s your week going?

    • hahah I’m a very boring dresser at school. First there’s the heels and then there’s the coat length. It’s not against the dress code or anything like that, but I think I would feel uncomfortable going to class like that >.<

    • hahah thanks Lisa! You should do some OOTDs too, I’m curious to see what your style is like 🙂
      TBH, I’m not sure yet! I’m doing a Halloween tutorial soon, but usually if I do “dress up” I go as the Snowflake Fairy…basically my friend has a headband with two snowflakes on springs coming out the top…I wear that with sweats and a heavy jacket and run around asking for candy lolll

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