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The larger my makeup addiction grows, the more I appreciate my neutrals.  In particular, taupes.

Taupes are the bread and butter of your eyeshadow collection (or they should be).  I was originally going to swatch all the taupes in my eyeshadow collection, but I realized that would have taken way too long.  So instead, I picked 9 of my favorites (no dupes here!  be proud of me)

left from top to bottom:

1. First off, we have the beautiful, shimmery taupe from my Dior Mist quint (swatches and backstory here).  This one is definitely more brown-leaning.  It’s also very pigmented, yet smooth and blendable.  Dior has got their formula down pat.

2. This is the second most-used taupe in my collection.  Can you guess what it is?  For some reason, my camera isn’t really picking up the grey tones in Shu Uemura ME Brown (the ME stands for Metallic).  It’s a super gorgeous color, essentially the perfect taupe with the perfect texture.  I couldn’t ask for more.  See it in action here.

3. And now we come to the most used taupe in my entire makeup collection.  This shadow is the lid color from my Maybelline Chai Latte quad.  It’s not a unique color, nor is it take-my-breath-away-beautiful, but it takes zero brainpower to use.  I can pop this color into my crease for any EOTD, and it works.  Bonus points because it’s matte.

middle from top to bottom:

1. A beautiful (albeit with glitter chunks) purply-taupe from my Jill Stuart Mysterious Queen quad.  The color is very nice and smooth, but unfortunately hard to blend.  It’s very well-behaved when patted on the lid, though.  See more pictures here.

2. Urban Decay Underground from their Deluxe Shadow palette is the most golden brown-leaning taupe in my collection.  It makes a pretty lid wash, and the texture is smooth.  Maybe not butter smooth, but smooth enough.  More pictures here.

3. Estee Lauder Smokey is a little more berry toned in real life than it appears right here.  This is definitely a very unique taupe, the pigmentation isn’t super great, but it’s not sheer either.  The color alone makes up for any formula mishaps.

right from top to bottom:

1. Lancome Taupe Lustre was my old Maybelline Chai Latte lid color before I bought the MCL quad.  The only reason I’ve switched over to the Maybelline shadow now is because it’s more versatile (since it’s matte).  The Lancome eyeshadow is a very quiet color though, which makes it perfect for working into the crease for softer eye looks.  See it in action here.

2 and 3. The last 2 shadows are new additions to my taupe family.  The first one is NYX Eucalyptus, and the second is NYX Dune.  Both have the characteristic NYX pigmentation/blendability.  I bought these because the colors reminded me of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows in Birthday Suit and Skinny Jeans.

Let me know which one of my taupes you like best in the comments 😀

Alright, now you’ve seen my taupes.  I want to see yours.  I’m tagging all of you to either tell me your favorite taupes, or do a post on them if you’d like.

~Makeup Morsels


10 thoughts on “Tag: All Tauped Out

  1. I love neutral taupes a lot too!

    Hmm… being asked about my favorite taupe right now, I can just think of my Bobbi Brown Chrome Shadow in Pewter, which is kind of a greenish-bronze-taupe color. Actually, it’s quite hard to describe Pewter, but I think it can be added to the taupe family. 🙂

    From your swatches, I would say I like the two NYX ones best!

    • One day I have to try a Bobbi Brown shadow xD I’ve heard they can be kind of hit and miss, but the hits are absolutely gorgeous. The description makes me think of Lancome Erika F 🙂 not sure how close those two actually are. hahah the taupe family is VERY large, sometimes I’m not sure whether I should call a shadow “taupe” or not. I’m liking those a lot too! I used them today for the first time haha

  2. Oooh what a lovely collection! And wait, you have more taupes?! 😀 I have to say the Shu and the UD are my favorite out of all the ones you swatched – I really did love UD Underground… the UD formula just disagrees with my lids. ;_;

    Totally gonna do this tag soon! 😀

    • I do have more taupes lol! A lot of them crept up on me w/out my noticing it until recently. Lovee the Shu, the color is the perfect mix of brown+gray with the prettiest shimmer. The UD Deluxe palette wasn’t as smooth as I expected, but I’m still glad I got it. There’s some very nice brights in there. ooh excited to see your taupes!

  3. I’ve realized pretty recently that I don’t have enough taupes. I focus so much on buying bright colorful shadows that I have very few neutrals. I really need to go on a makeup spending spree.

    • I was definitely more into brights when I first started out w/ makeup. I still love my brights, but I’m starting to appreciate the value of a good taupe 🙂

      go forth and spend! I’m enabling you!

  4. Ooh I do like my taupes!

    1) MAC Satin Taupe. So pretty, and so perfect for a day smoky eye.

    2) MAC Coquette. This one is different because it’s a matte finish. It leans a little greenish (I know, sounds weird) but it makes a great natural crease shade. (Swatched here on the right).

    3) MAC Smoke ‘n Diamonds (it was LE though!). Some people would think it’s too grey but it’s kinda like grey-taupe to me. Again, pretty for a smoky eye. (Swatched here, farthest to the left).

    • yay for taupes! I’ve seen all three of those, and they’re all gorgeous. I really wanted to get my hands on Smoke ‘n Diamonds, and then I figured that Nyx Dune was close enough, just a tiny bit more gray. Satin Taupe is GORGEOUS, but I think the taupe in the L’oreal Sassy duo is very close. Always lookin out for bargains 🙂 Thanks for sharing your favorite taupes!

  5. YOU HAVE NO IDEA I WAS JUST ABOUT TO DO A POST LIKE THIS. But then I decided that I’m too lazy for that. Taupes make everything in life better (but I mean, especially my eyelids..) I ALMOST can’t COMPLETELY dig a taupe unless its a little plummy, so my favorite taupe right now is HANDS DOWN DECADENT by VS. WOW I was soo not expecting to like this. It looks sooo sweet from different angles – meaning that through the curve of my eye, I can use it as an all over wash and the inner will look more lavender silver, the outside will look a little more nutty brown. It doesn’t apply so great with a brush, but seriously the texture is so smooth and so soft and I just LOVE IT. And I love the packaging. And that it’s a single e/s. Before this my favorite was Shale by MAC or Sassy from HIP but I prefer the formula and complexity of vs much more. Okay. I’ve talked enough.

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