Manicures & Nail Art

Hemingway Nails, Take 3

The original here 🙂  I’ve got to do that again sometime soon

Version 2.0 with Hidden Treasure

Claire’s Mermaid is a very pretty aquamarine that flashes purple-pink.

It also shows nail line at 4 coats.  FOUR COATS!  And they weren’t thin coats either.  I’m definitely using this as a layering polish next time because I dislike the sensation I get from having 6 coats of polish (4+basecoat+seche) on my nails *eurghhh*

Still, the color is gorgeous, and definitely makes me thinks of mermaids.  And the ocean.  And sunny days…and summer…

*drifts away*

I hope you’re all having a wonderful wrap-up to your weekends!  I’m craving some nice, warm Pappa Rich buns.

~Makeup Morsels


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