Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 10/25/10

For the record, Sunday night is the worst time ever to get sick.  I’m resting today, so I really hope I’m going to be up and running again by tomorrow.

I cheered myself up last night with this song.  It’s a classic xD

Last week, when I went to the mall with RamenGirl, we popped inside B&BW so she could pick out a candle for her room.  I have to say, the vast majority of scented candles in there are not me for.  In fact, most of them make me gag.  These three were my favorite:

Autumn Apple: well, I’m not sure if you’d want to burn this in your room 24/7, but it smells so cool.  Like…when you sniff the skin of an apple!  Really strong, fresh apple peel.

Holly Wreath: smells like a Christmas tree.  Seasonal without being cloying.

Mint Chocolate: dead-on for an Andes mint.  Creamy chocolate and light mint, not too strong either.

I didn’t end up buying any because I’m not really a candles-type girl.  I hope everyone’s having a good start to their week.

Happy Monday!

~Makeup Morsels


16 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday Morsels 10/25/10

  1. Sooo my candle already burned out….because I’ve been burning it 24/7!!! I think I’m gonna head over there tomorrow and get another scent 🙂

  2. I’ve been searching for the Mint Chocolate one but still haven’t found it! I do like the peppermint one though. I need to get the mini-sized one soon. And the strawberry one…because me = obsessed w/ strawberries.

    • And I agree I’m not too much of a candle person. BUT! I do like smelling them though I don’t like burning them. (I’m afraid I’ll set my house on fire LOL.)

      • omg SAME hahaha I love smelling candles w/out setting them on fire
        I was considering getting the Holly Wreath one b/c we never ever get a Christmas tree anymore
        then it’d just be like a tree in a jar!

    • ooh yeah, I sniffed the peppermint one too! I just liked Mint Chocolate better b/c of the chocolate element…you know how chocolate makes everything better!
      I didn’t see a strawberry candle! That sounds like it would be yummy

        • dude that’s so cool! I love it when they make cool containers for candles.

          aww I hate it when that happens, then I always (mentally) kick myself for not buying it before. I hope you can track it down!

    • thanks 🙂 ya I am…you know that already
      I think wordpress runs ads on all their wordpress.com blogs from time to time for revenue
      you have to pay to make it ad-free or ad-specific
      your blog probably has them too sometimes

  3. How are you feeling today, sweetie? Better, I hope! 😀 That vid was soo cute! He kinda sounds like Cartman from South Park…hehe. I’m the opposite when it comes to candles. Love them! ;D

      • Oh good! 😀 Girl, I am *so* not the DIY type…hehe. If I were though, candles would be up there on the list. 😉 I’ve only flipped through pages of the book since getting it on Sunday. Haven’t had a chance to start reading yet. I’ll probably do a blurb or review on it since I’ve been getting q’s on it. 🙂

        • ahahah well I’m not an avid DIY-er…but every once in awhile when I find myself w/ oodles of free time *summer* I get a little more artsy
          looking forward to reading your thoughts on the book!

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