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Candy Corn NOTD and EOTD

Last Halloween-related post.  I decided to go for subtlety on Friday instead of my full-face lace mask makeup.

The girl sitting next to me in class asked if my nails were painted like candy corn.

In my mind: dingdingdingdingding SUCCESS

I don’t own any white or black nail polish.  I seriously need to fix that little problem, the white I used here was some 20-year old Maybelline polish that had separated already.  I ended up having to dot a glob of polish on the tip of each nail, and let it spread out like a chubby amoeba.

The orange is Sinful Big Daddy, and the gold is Zoya Goldie.

I half-closed my eyes to show the colors better.  I look rather…glazed over lol.

Quick steps:

1. TFSI and NYX Milk all over the lid

2. A matte white shadow from Lancome on the inner half

3. Urban Decay Honey in the crease, and NYX Rust in the outer corner

4. Prestige Granite Liner and Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara

Have a happy and safe Halloween!  And let me know what you’re dressing up as 🙂

~Makeup Morsels


10 thoughts on “Candy Corn NOTD and EOTD

  1. I actually took inspiration from you and tried this mani myself! I do have orange, yellow and white nail polishes! Unfortunately I didn’t do my lines very sharply, so I took it all off and just painted my nails dark purple instead. Oh well! It was worth a shot xD

      • I used my 1 year old Chanel Vendetta! It’s a really pretty dark purple with sparkles!!! =) Already chipped it a bit though because I wasn’t careful when I put the top coat on D=

        • omg Vendetta is soo gorgeous, one day I might invest in a Chanel polish 🙂 what topcoat do you use? I’m so glad I found Seche lol I used to dent my fingers so many times while waiting for my manicure to dry

  2. The candy corn manicure is cute! I’m definitely doing that next year!

    You were right about the MAC Tartan Tale shadows and their pigmentation. I checked it all out today, and the colors are all beautiful in the container, but barely show up on the skin… so I didn’t buy any of them! I did buy a dazzleglass lipgloss and some other things not from the collection, though!

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